UF Impact Players at Regionals

September 22nd, 2014 2 comments


The University of Florida Club Team is once again churning out talent that is making their mark

deep into the Club Season. As Florida United and Vicious Cycle head to Regionals this weekend,

here is a quick look at some of the players who will have an impact in Atlanta, and on into the

College Season just around the corner.

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Split League Explanation and FAQ

September 5th, 2014 No comments

Double League Explanation and FAQs

(working, draft, in progress, subject to change, be patient…)


anarchyTable of Contents

  1. Why we’re changing the system
  2. How does the Mixed (Co-ed) league work?
  3. How does the Open (Men’s) league work?
  4. So wait, what are my preference options?
  5. So wait, what if I just want to play regular mixed?
  6. What are the game times?
  7. How does the draft work?
  8. Can I play in both leagues?
  9. How do pairs work?
  10. Do I need to buy two shirts if I play both leagues?
  11. Can I win two discs/championships?
  12. I’m a mid-level or newer player- what does this mean for me?

Why we’re changing the system

Gainesville has a great league system which works for a lot of people. However, with Fall league looking to have well over 200 players we were looking at 14 LARGE teams. This is extremely difficult to handle in terms of field space, gender distribution, and playing time.

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Janus 2013: 20th Anniversary edition

January 28th, 2013 No comments

TitleTown Expierence

Regardless of who I play with, Janus always brings back good memories.  My first ever away tournament was Janus.  My first time ever seeing or hearing of a showcase game (Gnomes vs. Giants) was Janus.  The first time ever getting food after Saturday was Janus.  The first time playing on epic fields (Lakewood Ranch High School) you guessed it Janus. The 20th Anniversary was no different except the food was ice cream, and the showcase game was Republicans vs Democrats which by the way brought epic heckles!

JordanTitleTown is run by the one and only Legendary TK.  If you haven’t played on a TK team then all I can tell you is it’s the wildest ride you’ve ever been a part of.  I have nothing but respect for TK because ever since I’ve been playing he’s been a living legend in the Gainesville area.  This years team was surprisingly a little light on numbers from years past with only 13 players, but brought with it great chemistry and unity.  Low numbers don’t bother me because there is more playing time for me, and we picked up a couple darkhorses named Brodie Smith and Tommie Rruusshh?  Saturday felt like I was on the Bulls when Michael Jordan hit 6 three pointers in a half.  Brodie was on FIRE… not warmed up 60 yard flick huck: SCORE, point to flick space 50 yard hammer: SCORE.  It was raining!!!  We went 5-0 and set us up for the easy ride to the finals.

549864_10103128083721961_1730248504_nSunday, games didn’t start til 11:00 and we were still short a couple players at game time.  We played down a couple points til we got numbers.  Once everyone arrived we stepped it up and took care of Riff Raff out of Melbourne.  Next up was a rematch with Greathouse.  We pushed out to a large lead then they fought back a little and we finished it 15-11.  Going into the finals the injury bug was biting and starting to take a toll: TK got hurt when some noob ran through his backhand huck hyper extending his left arm on Saturday, Brodie laid out and needed a few points off, and my wrist got a little shaken up in the Riff Raff game.  This added with the lack of players made it tough to compete with UCF.  We had a few miscues out the gate and UCF played like a well oiled machine.  They always knew where to cut, when to cut, and got the reset off when they got in trouble.  Was very frustrating, but keep your head up Gainesville they aren’t that tough!

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December 18th, 2012 No comments

Some of the illest ultimate video’s out there right now are coming from JEfilms or better known to us in the Gainesville community as Jacob Evans.  If you haven’t seen his most recent ultimate vid about Doublewide’s National Championship then give it a whirl — you won’t be disappointed:

Jacob Evans with Cole Sullivan @ 2012 Club National Championship

Jacob Evans with Cole Sullivan @ 2012 Club National Championship

How does he do it?

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