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UF vs FSU preview

October 10th, 2014 Comments off


What about Florida State? No, said Van Auken, “they’ve never been a team that we’ve been afraid of.” – Ultiworld, February 2013

While not exactly the quote delivered, it has been a rallying cry for the team from up north, and part of a rejuvenation of a deeply meaningful rivalry for both schools that has often been one-sided in Ultimate. 
Florida State has joined Florida among the top programs in the country, notching its biggest wins in the series in 2013. Florida State knocked off Florida 13-11 in front of a large home crowd in Gainesville at the Conference Championship, but both teams headed to Southeast Regionals in position to claim one of the three bids at USAU College Nationals. In Tupelo, Florida was upset by Georgia, and Florida State was upset by LSU on Saturday, leaving both teams fighting for one spot, and forced to go through each other.
In rain and muck on Sunday, Florida would win the opening meeting, taking an 8-3 lead at half time and holding on for dear life to win 12-11. Florida would lay down to Central Florida in the next game and survive LSU to advance to the game to go. Florida State whipped Tennessee and a spent Georgia Tech team, to set up the same day rematch. With players wearing trash bags and a field that showed little grass, each team would scratch and claw the whole way. Florida State went up a break in the first half, but Florida gained control in the second, taking a 14-12 lead. On the doorstep several times, Florida could not convert, and Florida State would score 3 straight to secure its first trip to Nationals since 1989, and send Florida home.
Both teams would spend much of the 2014 season in the top 10, but Florida would regain the upper hand in the rivalry, taking 3 out of 4 meetings. Each game continues to be a back and forth battle, often ending on double game point. Florida clipped Florida State 13-12 in the Semi-Finals at Warm Up, and Florida State claimed a victory by the same score on Saturday at the Conference Championships. Sunday, Florida would capitalize on a tired Florida State squad to win 13-9, which set up a collision course for the Semi-Finals at Regionals in Tuscaloosa. Behind a stout defensive effort, Florida would secure a 15-12 win on route to its 6th Regional Title in 9 Seasons. Florida State would knock off Central Florida and Georgia to secure back-to-back trips to Nationals for the first time in program history.
Entering the 2015 season, both teams have great expectations, returning the core of their teams from a season ago. In addition, each teams stars played deep into the Club Season with Gainesville Vicious Cycle and Tallhassee Shrimp Boat, with many of the standouts playing as teammates on Florida United. Tonight’s Exhibition Game in Gainesville (7pm at Maguire Field) should be a taste of what is sure to be the matchup each team needs to win to accomplish their season goals.

FSU Players to watch:

77279_bigChris LaRocque (#18) – The selfless captain for the ‘Noles is often looked upon for his offense, but it is his defense that sets the tone for the team.
Andrew Roney (#3) – The stats from last year’s College Nationals tell the story of how great an offensive load Roney has to carry for the team to be as successful as they plan to be.
Connor Holcombe (#27) – Often tasked with the toughest defensive assignment, Holcombe pairs explosive speed with springiness and a knack for producing in the big moments.
Andrew LaRocque (#28) – Not to be overshadowed by his brother, this LaRocque will need to make an even bigger impact, especially for the team to make a deep run at College Nationals.
Bobby Patterson (#2) – If this is the Bobby that is being talked about after a game against the Gators, then it will be FSU coming out on top. The intense defense that Coach Van de Burgt requires from Patterson and his teammates will be critical for the ‘Noles game in and game out.

UF Players to watch:

25584_bigJames Dahl (#3) – Like the captain counterpart on FSU, it is defense impact that defines Dahl. Always tenacious, the 5th year player is eager to make a name for himself at Florida.
Bobby Ley (#9) – Everyone will look at the big plays and be impressed, but Ley will need to be efficient for Florida to be successful. If his defense prowess can match his offensive talents, Florida will be difficult to handle.
Jacob Dummeldinger (#11) – He’ll find himself covering either LaRocque or Roney for most of the game, and UF can’t afford for him to only be useful on defense. His offensive role this season must expand for Florida to advance deep at College Nationals.
Tanner Repasky (#15) – The Tallahassee native struggled early in his career against the ‘Noles, but is playing with an even greater level of confidence, that will need to be matched with veteran poise.
Billy O’Bryan (#2) – The one that everyone on both sides of the rivalry has been talking about, this youthful sophomore is set for a breakout season. He’ll need to quickly overcome the nervous excitement, and settle into his new role.
Florida vs Florida State
Friday, October 10th
Maguire Field 
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Gainesville Youth Ultimate

October 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Let the kids play ultimate!

Gainesville has a thriving ultimate community, and one that’s been around for at least thirty years. Teams such as Fat Women, Vicious Cycle and Diva have achieved near-legendary status in ultimate communities across the country, consistently winning or finishing high in tournaments and national competitions. The men’s club team at the University of Florida won national championships 2006 and 2010 and the women’s team FUEL has advanced to the Big Show multiple times in the past decade. There’s also the perennial pick-up games hosted by the likes of the JJ Finley crew, Squirrel Park and other motley assemblies scattered throughout town. (And let’s not forget to mention that Gainesville’s adult league is growing and bursting at the seams.)

youthBut what about Gainesville’s youth ultimate scene? Where are the high school and middle school students getting their game on?

Several teachers and coaches in area middle and high schools are playing ultimate with their students—sometimes pitting their teams against other schools’ teams—but there currently is no centralized place for Gainesville’s youth to play ultimate on a consistent basis. And though there are no rules specifically barring kids from playing in the adult league and pick-up games (and some of these kids can hang with the best of the adults!), wouldn’t it be better for all involved if our youngest players could play competitive games with their peers? To compete in structured games and tournaments like our club teams and league enjoy?

To this end, several interested parties, including players and coaches from the UF Club Teams, league organizers and other players and figures from the Gainesville community are collaborating to host a series of FREE, youth-centric learn-and-play events to coincide with the adult league this fall. The idea is to bring as many interested middle and high school students as possible together, briefly review the basics of Ultimate Frisbee®, learn some skills and about the spirit of the game from qualified instructors, and then play ultimate with their peers. The goal is to reach the critical mass necessary to set up developmental teams and a league dedicated exclusively to those interested 11- to 19-year-old middle and high school students wanting to experience what ultimate is all about.

Our hope is that the joy, thrill, competition and comradery we all enjoy from playing ultimate can be shared with our kids, neighbors and community. If you’re a middle or high school student that wants to learn what ultimate is all about, click here and plan on attending one—or all—of the events we’re throwing this year. If you’re the parent of a kid that wants to play, someone who works with kids or knows anyone with kids that might be interested, send them our way.

The learn-and-play events are designed for all middle through high school students, female and male, regardless of one’s ability to throw a disc. If a kid wants to play, we want to give them the opportunity to play, and these events will provide the instruction necessary to get new and experienced players playing ultimate.

For more information, check out our flier , or email

To register for the Learn-and-Play events, complete the electronic registration form and print and complete the waiver of liability.


All Gainesville Youth Players need to Print, Complete, and Return this Waiver:

UF-FSU event 2014
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UF Impact Players at Regionals

September 22nd, 2014 Comments off


The University of Florida Club Team is once again churning out talent that is making their mark

deep into the Club Season. As Florida United and Vicious Cycle head to Regionals this weekend,

here is a quick look at some of the players who will have an impact in Atlanta, and on into the

College Season just around the corner.


Florida United

James Dahl

One of the engines of the Defense, both locking down on a handler, and then churning for

the hard yards on a turnover. James typically carries a chip on his shoulder that fuels a very

competitive spirit. James combines speed and quickness to be able to put stress on his matchup

on both sides of the disc. His willingness to throw his body on defense allows him to recover

to spaces it doesn’t look like he can get to and produce takeways. His signature blocks are high

layouts on passes into the endzone. His energy combined with a growing composure will be

critical for United’s chances to pull an upset and return to Nationals.


Bobby Ley

A combo cutter/handler for the Offense, Bobby continues to show the ability to create separation

anywhere on the field. Armed with quality deep throws and an array of break throws, his

versatility makes him a difficult cover. With his first step, Bobby gains an advantage and then

has the field sense to get to the right spot for his thrower. His big play ability, be it going up over

a pack of taller players, or finding a breakside window for a back breaking huck have been his

calling card. Like his captain counterpart, he’ll need to show maturity against Chain Lightning

and Ring of Fire, picking the appropriate times to go big and avoid going home.


Vicious Cycle

Jacob Dummeldinger

Each season Jacob adds more to his game. Already a frightening defender who uses his length

as a weapon, Jacob has turned his attention to growing on the offensive side, taking on handling

responsibilities while still looking to get downfield as a deep threat. Jacob can always take

on the toughest matchup on the opposing team, but is now forcing the opponent to play their

best defenders on him. If Jacob can impose his will at Regionals, Vicious can go deep into the



Tanner Repasky

While usually faster and able to jump higher than his matchup, Tanner has started to apply his

considerable smarts to the frisbee field. Tanner is one of the best on the team of playing his guy

but also being able to chase down passes on help defense. With increased confidence throwing

a completion in whichever direction necessary, he is removing a team’s ability to let him come

under to the disc, making his deep game a true threat. Tanner will always add a big jumping

play, the challenge is the little parts of the game as he continues to learn.


Danny Bishop

When a cut is needed, Danny will have already made it. Always in the right place at the needed

time, Danny immediately knows where he needs to get to downfield. This season, he has added

the ability to do the same in the dump space, improving his throwing and adding a variety of

stop/go and turnaround moves in the short spaces. Because of his abilities on offense, his defense

is often underrated, but his speed and well-timed dives produce blocks.


Billy O’Bryan

An emerging star, Billy does a little (or a lot) of everything. He pulls, and gets blocks on the

first pass. He gets deep blocks on taller receivers and goes up huge over anyone his size. He can

huck or he can outrun someone in the small spaces. Billy demonstrates pure joy when playing,

expressed through constant effort. Billy will always produce an amazing play for his team, and

continues to learn to make all the blue collar plays to go with the flair.


Bradley Seuntjens

A consistent generator of takeaways, Bradley has made his mark in the year he has been in

Gainesville. Consistently the first to make the diving play, and nearly certain to be the leader in

important blocks. Strong and fast, Bradley can manage any matchup, and is a monster on a jump

ball. Bradley has made major strides as a thrower, last season able to consistently throw a dump

pass to advantage, and now being able to hit the up field throws.


Patrick Gettino

Non-stop effort is constantly pouring from Patrick. Aggravated by even the slightest gain for his

matchup, Patrick will always outwork his opponent. Armed with building confidence, Patrick is

no longer content to just get blocks, becoming a churning cutter on offense and starting to look

for his throws. As he continues to use it, his flick has good power, and can be a weapon. The

best sign for a Patrick team is a volleyball spike D on a deep pass, sure to mean he is firing on all



Aaron Spector

A workhorse, who even when he looks gassed can always summon more effort. His mental

discipline is always an edge, and shows an ability to quickly pick up more and more knowledge

of the game. Through the Club Season, Aaron has learned to play with the disc, able to move

his mark and continue the motion of the offense to advantage. Aaron produces for his team in a

manner that makes them work harder.


Vicious Cycle was within one point of upsetting Orlando Omen in their back yard at Florida

Sectionals. They’ve continued to progress throughout the season, and will be a handful for the

top seeds at Regionals. Look for at least one upset late in the weekend.


Florida United looks to return to Nationals, and features former Florida players Dustin

Travaglini, Joe Crinkley, Chris Gibson, Cole Sullivan, Alton Gaines, Travis Catron, Bennett

Wachob, Jason Silverman and Cyle Van Auken. They’ve had a season of mixed results playing

a highly competitive schedule. Injuries have plagued the team through the season. With two bids

to Frisco, TX on the line, it will take overcoming one of the Regional favorites Altanta Chain

Lightning or Raleigh Ring of Fire to advance.


Follow the action on twitter @ViciousUltimate and @FloridaUnited

Written By: Florida Ultimate

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Split League Explanation and FAQ

September 5th, 2014 Comments off

Double League Explanation and FAQs

(working, draft, in progress, subject to change, be patient…)


anarchyTable of Contents

  1. Why we’re changing the system
  2. How does the Mixed (Co-ed) league work?
  3. How does the Open (Men’s) league work?
  4. So wait, what are my preference options?
  5. So wait, what if I just want to play regular mixed?
  6. What are the game times?
  7. How does the draft work?
  8. Can I play in both leagues?
  9. How do pairs work?
  10. Do I need to buy two shirts if I play both leagues?
  11. Can I win two discs/championships?
  12. I’m a mid-level or newer player- what does this mean for me?

Why we’re changing the system

Gainesville has a great league system which works for a lot of people. However, with Fall league looking to have well over 200 players we were looking at 14 LARGE teams. This is extremely difficult to handle in terms of field space, gender distribution, and playing time.

We are excited to announce the formation of a split league with two separate divisions and playtimes:

Open (“Men’s”) playing at ~1:00pm

Mixed (“Co-ed”) playing at ~3:00pm

Everyone still gets to play league, gets drafted, and in some cases double the chance to compete for a championship!


How does the Mixed (“Co-ed”) league work?

Mixed is going to a 4-3 format (4 men, 3 women) preferred (with 5-2 as a possible backup option depending on roster sizes). With 6-7 women per team, this should smooth out attendance issues and make matchups more reasonable for most women. This also means women will be far more important to every team and should actually help us recruit more women for the future. (Exact gender rules will be specified when we know the roster sizes. And “women” is being used here as a term to include both women and children for rule purposes.)


How does the Open (“Men’s”) league work?

The Open league will have no constraints on gender composition.  We expect 8 (perhaps 6, perhaps 10) teams, presumably mostly men. It will consist of those who have not been drafted to a Mixed team and then any remaining players needed to fill the league will come from players who have selected the preference to play in both leagues.


So wait, what are my preference options?


This is actually pretty darn easy. You have the options below (currently still under a bit of flux but they will be in roughly this format).

Signup Categories Letter Shorthand Playing in Mixed? Playing in Open?
I would like to play Mixed only A Mixed-only YES NO
I am willing to play either, but if drafted in Mixed would prefer NOT to play Open B Either/Or (1 League only) Maybe (only if drafted in Mixed) Maybe (only if NOT drafted in Mixed)
I am willing to play either, and if drafted in Mixed would like to also play Open C Either/Both (Open & Maybe Mixed) Maybe (only if drafted in Mixed) YES
I am a woman and I want to play in both leagues D Woman/Both YES YES
I am a captain/organizer and I want to play in both leagues E Capt/Both YES YES
I would prefer to only play in Open (but recognize that this may not be possible, so I will indicate my 2nd preference from the other options available) F* Open-Only NO YES


So wait, what if I just want to play regular mixed?

If you select option “A” for mixed-only then you are guaranteed a spot in the Mixed league. This means everything is standard for you except you get to heckle the Open division if you show up a bit early..


What are the game times?

Open league will run from roughly 1-3pm

Mixed league will run from 3-5pm


How does the draft work?

Based on your preference you will be drafted onto either a Mixed team, an Open team, or possibly both.

Here’s the detailed/convoluted version:

  1. The number of Mixed teams will be determined by the total number of women/children in the draft pool.  We are aiming for 6-7 women/children per team, and expect there will be 8 Mixed teams.  (10 is a distant possibility also.)
  2. We aim for no less than 9-10 men per Mixed team, so there will be a designated set of 72-80 base slots for men in the Mixed league.  For the sake of example, let’s say it’s 80 base slots.
  3. We will draft from the pool of men such that everyone in category A (&E) will be drafted.  If the number of people in category A (&E) is greater than the 80 available base slots, we will draft all those players to Mixed, and no other players from categories B&C.  If there are more base slots than there are A (&E) players, we will make up the difference with players from categories B&C.  In this case, all male players (from A,B,C,E) will be initially draftable, until the remaining number of base slots is equal to the remaining players in categories A (&E).  At that point, the remaining B&C players will no longer be draftable to the Mixed league; all those players will be drafted later for the Open league.  The rest of the Mixed rosters will be filled with players from the remaining players in the A (&E) categories.


Can I play in both leagues?

Yes, although only Captains are guaranteed spots in both, if they wish. Perks of being a Captain- volunteer next season folks!  Depending on the numbers involved (i.e., if category A &E are less than the 80 base slots), some players from category C will be able to play in both leagues.

How do pairs work?

Mixed will try to do the standard pairing approval of children, spouses, and brand new players.  When possible, Open will try to accommodate pairing of brand new players if both players choose the same categories (both choose category C for instance).

Do I need to buy two shirts if I play both leagues?

Nope! There will only be one shirt per person.  We are figuring out the details here.

Can I win two discs/championships?

Absolutely! Kick some ass, dominate both leagues, and be rewarded.

I’m a mid-level or newer player: what does this mean for me?

Unless you opt for Mixed (co-ed) only it is highly likely you will be playing in the Open (Men’s) league.


Open will be a fantastic opportunity for you to receive playtime while learning from elite players doing both leagues. The UF A-team will be working hard to keep Open competitive and will drive you to step up your game.

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