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Fall League 2015 Info

August 21st, 2015

Up to date info 8/21/2015:

1) A Mens and Mixed league will both happen. Women are guaranteed for Mixed, and all Men are guaranteed for either Men’s or Mixed, and some will be able to play both.
2) If we have 36 women interested in two leagues, then We will also have two Mixed leagues (1-3 and then 3-5). More men can then play in two leagues.
3) if you are available for only Sunday, please make sure it is clear on your survey for. If we do not know that for a fact, you could wind up playing on Wednesdays and then forced out of league.
4) Team sizes for every team will be limited to 15 or 16.
5) Already paid, but want to play both? Paypal the difference to mikegreathouse@bellsouth.net or pay the difference the first day of league. If you do not, you will be subject to late penalties.
6) If you play in two leagues, you will have to buy two shirts. That is non-negotiable. Our goal is to have every team have a different color, so you would not be forced to buy two shirts that are the same. The reason is that we want to raise the professionalism of Men’s and get rid of any “pick up vibe” that has been there in the past.
7) Do you want to play in two leagues but aren’t sure if you will? Go ahead and pay the full double league price now, and then I will refund you if you only get selected into one league (this is for men and women).
8) You can go the following two websites to sign up and pay here:


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