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Gainesville Youth Ultimate

October 2nd, 2014

Let the kids play ultimate!

Gainesville has a thriving ultimate community, and one that’s been around for at least thirty years. Teams such as Fat Women, Vicious Cycle and Diva have achieved near-legendary status in ultimate communities across the country, consistently winning or finishing high in tournaments and national competitions. The men’s club team at the University of Florida won national championships 2006 and 2010 and the women’s team FUEL has advanced to the Big Show multiple times in the past decade. There’s also the perennial pick-up games hosted by the likes of the JJ Finley crew, Squirrel Park and other motley assemblies scattered throughout town. (And let’s not forget to mention that Gainesville’s adult league is growing and bursting at the seams.)

youthBut what about Gainesville’s youth ultimate scene? Where are the high school and middle school students getting their game on?

Several teachers and coaches in area middle and high schools are playing ultimate with their students—sometimes pitting their teams against other schools’ teams—but there currently is no centralized place for Gainesville’s youth to play ultimate on a consistent basis. And though there are no rules specifically barring kids from playing in the adult league and pick-up games (and some of these kids can hang with the best of the adults!), wouldn’t it be better for all involved if our youngest players could play competitive games with their peers? To compete in structured games and tournaments like our club teams and league enjoy?

To this end, several interested parties, including players and coaches from the UF Club Teams, league organizers and other players and figures from the Gainesville community are collaborating to host a series of FREE, youth-centric learn-and-play events to coincide with the adult league this fall. The idea is to bring as many interested middle and high school students as possible together, briefly review the basics of Ultimate Frisbee®, learn some skills and about the spirit of the game from qualified instructors, and then play ultimate with their peers. The goal is to reach the critical mass necessary to set up developmental teams and a league dedicated exclusively to those interested 11- to 19-year-old middle and high school students wanting to experience what ultimate is all about.

Our hope is that the joy, thrill, competition and comradery we all enjoy from playing ultimate can be shared with our kids, neighbors and community. If you’re a middle or high school student that wants to learn what ultimate is all about, click here and plan on attending one—or all—of the events we’re throwing this year. If you’re the parent of a kid that wants to play, someone who works with kids or knows anyone with kids that might be interested, send them our way.

The learn-and-play events are designed for all middle through high school students, female and male, regardless of one’s ability to throw a disc. If a kid wants to play, we want to give them the opportunity to play, and these events will provide the instruction necessary to get new and experienced players playing ultimate.

For more information, check out our flier , or email GoPlayUltimate@bellsouth.net.

To register for the Learn-and-Play events, complete the electronic registration form and print and complete the waiver of liability.


All Gainesville Youth Players need to Print, Complete, and Return this Waiver:

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