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Summer League Final Standings

Here are the Final Standings for Summer League 2010:

1. Royal (Whiskey Discs)

2. White (Epic Pale)

3.5 Orange (Tang)

3.5 Gold (Know Expectation)

5. Forest (Gangrene)

6. Navy (Navy Jones’ Locker)

7.5 Black (Night Night Time)

7.5 Silver (Ag)

9. Maroon (All My Best Friends)

10. Red (Tactical Geniuses)

Also, the League Champions site has been updated:

Royal wins!

Summer League 2010 is now in the books as Royal (Whiskey Discs) takes White (Epic Pale) in the finals.

On the flip side of the coin Forest (Gangrene) defeated Navy (Navy Jones’ Locker) to win Chump discs!

Congrats everyone for a great Summer!

Fall League is now open for sign up here:


For more info here is the Fall League website:

Captain Reviews:

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TSA – Final Predictions

The Sour Age

Semis/Finals Predictions

July 29, 2010

By: Jack Skunk

Like the Tactical Geniuses of Red, I pretty much tanked at
the end of the season.  I went 3-2 last week, which now makes my overall record
34-16.  No, it’s not impressive, and no: there’s no way for me to explain it
away, especially since I was the most certain about my two Friday misses.  On
the other hand, it does make for an interesting league.  Now, let’s close this
puppy out:

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Percentages by Jack Skunk and Mr. Gainesville

Artwork by Ponz!

The Sour Age
July 27, 2010
By: Jack Skunk

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this has been one of the most intriguing leagues in the history of Gainesville. The list of surprises is not short. For example, who would have bet a single dime that Red would wind up in the 9/10 game? Or, what about Royal having its only loss to Forest- the 10th seed at the time?

To honor those slim chance oddities, I’m going to play a little game called “Percentages” with my good friend Mr. Gainesville. He’s elected to remain anonymous, because unlike myself, people still like him. Now, on to the game:

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Captains Reports — Quarters Rd2


15-12 – Orange over Forest
15-14 – Gold over Red
15-5 – Royal over Silver
15-10 – Black over Navy
15-9 – White over Maroon

Captain Reviews:

Navy (Navy Jones’ Locker) vs. Black (Night Night Time)

I was really worried that this was gonna be a bad day for us. 15 out of 21 voters thought Navy was going to win this game. Skunk predicted a Navy victory by 7. I (at the advice of Sebastian) ate Taco Bell about an hour before the game. I thought that maybe we were boned. But I came to find out that Dan would be missing Cathy, Fro Joe, and Evan Donahue.

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