Mar 25, 2013

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Placement Game Reports

Silver v. Tropic

Silver showed their stuff on Sunday- truly the hearts of werewolf slayers were afire.

The game started out with tropic forcing us to play down since Nan was our only lady. We pulled the disc and proceeded to get a stop and score upwind. It was an awesome point, and props to the mad defense which made it possible! Tropic took the next point, then our ladies showed up to even the score. There were a few breaks both ways, with a surprising number of scores going up-wind. Both teams have great handlers so it wasn’t too problematic to work it up. We grabbed a few more breaks and took half 8-6, the highlight of which was Lyle scoring half by catching a ridiculous laser flick from Tom that was blazing straight for Lyle’s face.

I think Tropic came out of half swinging and kicked some ass, taking the disc back and scoring, but we proceeded to go on a 4 point run and bring it up to 11-7. I think Tropic was pretty frustrated at this point, even though they were playing well for the most part. The game continued back and forth until we brought it in 15-12? 13? 11? Sorry I don’t actually remember.

Silver highlights:

  • Tom’s upwind flicks were ridiculousy beast. He put up 3-4 beautiful scores to upwind players, and the 2 that were errant were just caught by the gusty wind. Way to go Tom!

  • Olivia definitely stopped Jill’s game and made a number of great cuts, including an awesome deep run against the wind.

  • Goldsmith was on FIRE. He was doing it all so casually- getting mad D’s, being the key player in our offense, awesome hucks everywhere. Truly the linchpin of our team.

  • Mills, Lyle, and Nan are simply handling machines. Very few drops, very consistent throws and excellent decisions meant we smoothly worked the disc up every point.

  • Jose did a great job not letting Shane get the disc and putting a hard mark on when he did grab it

  • Christina and Colby were great popping and stretching with reliable catches

  • Justin played great defense on Milan and had a couple sick catches including the awesomely casual no-jump 1-hand snag in the endzone.

  • Jeff didn’t let Lee or Allen do too much, which was very impressive!

Tropic Highlights

  • Travis and Tanya were solid offensively, moving the disc reliably.

  • Max and Shane were cutting like madmen!

  • Scotty was playing hard and showed great spirit in helping diffuse any tense situation and resolve calls

Overall this was a well played game and we wish Tropic luck for discs!

Orange v. Kelly

Orange vs Kelly (15-5) Michelle and I were both nervous prior to arriving at Citizen’s about how many people we would actually have.  Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised to see a full line of Orange shirts already at the field 20 minutes before game time.  The game started as our games usually do, with a sloppy first point and then the trading of points for most of the first half.  We pulled away and never really looked back once we broke to make it 6-4.  Our clam made it hard for Kelly’s handler corps to move the disc.  James had a few nice hammers that broke our zone, but our wings corrected and made sure he couldn’t beat them with the same throw more than once.  Julian had some great catches off of questionable hucks which really helped us gain field position and momentum.  We took half at 8-4 and the second half was all Orange, 15-5 final.This was another great team win, with everyone contributing to our success.  Greg rejoined us after rehabbing his knee for the last month and had a great endzone cut for an easy Steve flick goal.  Curtis got his mark on and got a few heads up D’s up front in the clam.  Boothby once again proved that he’s too fast for his own good, wrecking himself on several occasions.Kelly played a good, well-spirited game with James, Christian and Brandon running the show.  Maria proved to be a valuable reset several times against the clam.  Schimmel had several diving saves to scoop things up from inches off the ground. We wish you luck in the chumpionship.

Red v. Royal

Royal over Red, 15-10

We started off with perhaps the worst first half we’ve ever played.  The basics: we started on D going upwind, and got scored on.  Downwind, we turned it and got scored on and before I knew it, we were down 0-5.  It was frustrating, primarily because we’d do really good stuff, get to the goal line, turn it, and then Royal would play perfect disc and score- and by perfect, i mean a random huck to a random Ward brother and it was a goal.  Anyway, we gave up half with a score of either 8-1 or 8-2… it was bad.

In half though, we regrouped. We received downwind, and scored.  Royal scored, then scored again and then we went on a 5 point run, forcing Royal to call a time out.  After that, we traded points more or less.  The final was 15-10, with Royal getting the game winner with the wind at their back.  Good game, all.

MVPs for Royal: Alex Fox had a nice game, but the heart and soul was DDP.  He touched the disc 3 times in every 5 passes, with 4 or 5 handblocks on D. Dan Barrow had a few nice puts, while Andrew Yanuck was very effective as a handler/popper.  And, of course, both of the Ward boys played quite well.  And happy birthday Dan- because of that, I’ll overlook that bad foul call on Greg’s sweet, layout D.

MVPs for Red: We were all a mix of good and bad.  Jessica had some really nice snags as a popper.  Colby bailed us out repeatedly, while both Torrey and Daigle had very strong outings and did just about everything.  Greg had the most beautiful lay out D (foul called) against DDP– seriously, it should be on the cover of a magazine.  The fact of the matter is that we were all terrible in the first half, but pretty damn impressive in the second.

All right Kelly… let’s dance. We want to win some discs.

Pink vs. Lime Shock

Our team is godly.

Lime is also good.  They did great.  We had my boy Froj out there.  My dawg Timmy D, not Timmy T, better!  They played great.  We had some ridiculous girl catching discs over her head all day.  And the other one was great too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus they had Pu.  Sick handler, not fair.  Tell me how many drops those girls had all day?  Somewhere near zero.  Mr. Darnell’s break throws are sick!!! I personally got broken by him.  We weren’t terrible though.  We had great throws by Suarez etc.  The wind was very hard and I personally couldn’t handle it.  My man D-Kahn not only matched the best jerseys in league with the best pants in league, but played amazing too!!!!  Is that fair?  I’m not sure.  That team is good.  Have I mentioned the speed demon Mike?  Rumors have it that he’s a speed skater wit quads of steel.  My girl Rose showed up in the sweetest suit you could ever imagine – pink suit.  Besides that it went back and forth for most of the game.

I’m not here to go point for point, too hard.  I’m here to tell you the big plays:  Rose- sick layout D that words can’t describe.  Reminded me of Jersey last summer on universe point aka the greatest D I have ever seen.  We technically didn’t score the point that Rose layed out on, and that made me sad.  What more could she do to get us a point when we needed it most?  Not sure.  Speaking of pink ladies, Jessica was IN the game MAN.  I love her, you love her.  Shoutout to our injured women.  Liz and Julie are goddesses amongst men.  Spell check is telling me that amongst is not a word.  Is that true?  Regardless, we had a sweet game v Lime.  Their name is good, their philosophy is good, and gosh darnit I like them.  This is what its all about.  Two powerhouse teams going at it.  We got a tough draw and got beat.  Song for Buscemi:

Shoutout to my boy Phil Hot-ssoiy.  Shoutout to my men Sam (I kind of have a cat named after you #jersey.)  Shoutout to our Richard’s roommates, supporting us the whole way except for today.  Shoutout to Phoebee (sp) I know she wanted us to win.  My man Patrick Douma made an appearance and tried to help us win.  We let you down brother.  When its all said and done, it was a great game and Rose’s suit was great.  Is this a good report?  Probably not.  Let history judge it #GeorgeBush.

Black v. Purple

Black 15 vs Purple 4

Ah yes, the basement bracket…where championship dreams have come and gone, but the opportunity to win a $10 piece of plastic keeps players coming out.  I was fully expecting to show up to muddy fields and sideways rain, but the day turned out to be beautiful with only a slight breeze.  Purple almost started the game with only 6 players until Huseyin showed up just in time for the first pull.  Even though Purple was missing some key handlers, they had no trouble walking the disc up the field against our zone for the first point of the game.  We answered to make it 1-1; however, Purple once again worked the disc up the field for a 2-1 lead.  After some adjustments to the zone, we were able to get a number of turns to take half 8-3.  Brian, Eric, and Justin did a great job up front in the zone and helped to create a lot of turnovers.  We stuck with our amoeba zone in the second half and were able to string together a number of points.  Josh had a nice D in the middle of our zone and proceeded to catch the score for the bookends.  Our offense was patient and we didn’t really try to force any throws.  Jill was our steady handler and kept the disc swinging a resetting.  Final score Black 15 Purple 4.


Black -  Switzer’s 65 yard hammer bomb.  Irene snagging a number of discs for scores.

Purple – Props to Purple for playing savage the whole game. Tiffany had some nice grabs that saved a couple of turnovers and Josh nice job getting open and finding the holes in our zone.

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Wildcard Reports

Pink vs. Royal

Royal over Pink 15-13 Damn it!

We were really pumped up for this game and wanted to prove all four pundits on the website who predicted us losing miserably to be wrong.  We started on offense and managed to turn it over but punched in some scores to tie the game 2-2.  Early in the game we came out in a new aggressive variation of our zone which seemed to confuse Royal a little bit and we had a 4-2 lead.  Morale was high but then Royal settled down and we graciously contributed some turnovers.  Royal ended up taking half 8-6.  The best play of the first half was a ridiculous one handed diving catch by Drew Ward on a really ugly looking underthrown flick.

We pulled to start the second half and managed to get down 9-6.  However, Pink team totally hung in there and tied the game 11-11.  We had a chance to take the lead 12-11 but turned it over in the end zone (a common theme this season for Pink).  Royal pulled ahead 14-12 but we scored on our next possession to cut it to 14-13.  We pulled, got two stops which both resulted in turnovers in the end zone which would have sent the game to Universe.  If I had any hair left on the top of my head, I would have pulled it out due to frustration but lest I was stuck just muttering to myself all alone on the far sideline.  The game ended on a beautiful forehand huck to Yannuck from DDP.  Mention should also go to Dan Barrow who in the first half had an outstanding D on a huck to Matt which looked like it was going to result in a score for sure.  On Pink, the whole team gets kudos for not quitting when we were down and having a chance to take the lead late in the game.  Special mention to our ladies who did a nice job shutting down the potent combo of Kelly and Timmy DePaul.



Tropic v. White

Tropic 15 White 13 Coming into this game, I knew this was the one lower ranked team we did not want to see. White wrecked us the first time we played, and they have the athletes to make things difficult for our handlers and cutters. My instincts were correct, as this game was quite a battle.  Not the best display of spirit here, and in the interest of throwing fuel on any smoldering fires, I will leave it at that.

As for the game itself, after trading points for a while, white closed out the half with a small run to take a 7-5 lead.  Both sides tried and abandoned zone at the start, and when the game settled into a man-to-man contest, whites speed had the upper hand. White came out strong the second half, pushing the lead to 10-6, before we rallied back.  We switched to zone to neutralize whites speed advantage, and force some of the better white players back to handle.  This worked, and we started getting turns and our offense cleaned up. We rallied back to get it to 13-12.  Then a 3-0 run closed out the game for the tropic victory. Gotta give white credit, they really gave us all we could handle.

For white, Dan really played a great game. He was practically impossible to cover and provided a solid reset for the dump. As expected, Fletcher also was all over the field, as both handler and deep threat.  Travis really came through for Tropic in the second half, holding down the deep-deep spot in the zone, making some great defensive plays, and sparking the offense with Milan. Also, props to our defensive workhorses like Shane, Jadon and Jillis, who logged a lot of playing time but kept running strong in the zone.

Report Here

Red over Purple 15-3


I won’t claim that Red has been a very good team this season, but we’ve steadily improved with each and every week.  That’s why- surprisingly- I was pretty confident of a win. My pre-game speech was simple: throw, catch, cut and play defense… That’s all we had to do and is exactly what we did do.  Plus, Purple was just undermanned; so, good play on our part and a thin squad for Purple gave us a blowout win.  Standard stuff: We received, scored, got a break and were up 2-0.  Purple answered with a few points of their own, but at a certain point, the dam broke and we were off to the races and took half 8-3.  We then reeled off 7 in a row to close the game out 15-3.  Spirit wise, everything was great and everyone had a good attitude on both teams.  If there was a grumpy word, I didn’t hear it.


MVPs for Purple: As a team, they scrapped for every point.  Joshua climbed the ladder and saved the disc at one point.  Ponz did a a great job of cutting, while Katie showed amazing flexibility in a collision with Huseyin.  Haydn and Travis, of course, were the mainstays of the offense, while Ryan and John played solid throughout.  The key, I think, was that we just didn’t make very many mistakes, and that was the difference.


MVPs for Red: Greg had more than a few epic layout Ds and was our quarterback with several nice connections deep.  Thomas was our go to guy on the deep ball; Andrew either received or threw a floaty goal over Travis (I can’t remember which).  Our ladies (Leslie and Jessica) took turns running Katie, and did a good job of getting open and making solid, smart throws.  And of course, Colby, Adam T and Adam D were extremely effective as cutters.  The fact of the matter is that this was one of the best outings that Red has had all season.  I don’t know how far we’ll go in the playoffs, but don’t expect us to politely lay down to a top seed.

Red over Purple

Red over Purple 15-3


I won’t claim that Red has been a very good team this season, but we’ve steadily improved with each and every week.  That’s why- surprisingly- I was pretty confident of a win. My pre-game speech was simple: throw, catch, cut and play defense… That’s all we had to do and is exactly what we did do.  Plus, Purple was just undermanned; so, good play on our part and a thin squad for Purple gave us a blowout win.  Standard stuff: We received, scored, got a break and were up 2-0.  Purple answered with a few points of their own, but at a certain point, the dam broke and we were off to the races and took half 8-3.  We then reeled off 7 in a row to close the game out 15-3.  Spirit wise, everything was great and everyone had a good attitude on both teams.  If there was a grumpy word, I didn’t hear it.


MVPs for Purple: As a team, they scrapped for every point.  Joshua climbed the ladder and saved the disc at one point.  Ponz did a a great job of cutting, while Katie showed amazing flexibility in a collision with Huseyin.  Haydn and Travis, of course, were the mainstays of the offense, while Ryan and John played solid throughout.  The key, I think, was that we just didn’t make very many mistakes, and that was the difference.


MVPs for Red: Greg had more than a few epic layout Ds and was our quarterback with several nice connections deep.  Thomas was our go to guy on the deep ball; Andrew either received or threw a floaty goal over Travis (I can’t remember which).  Our ladies (Leslie and Jessica) took turns running Katie, and did a good job of getting open and making solid, smart throws.  And of course, Colby, Adam T and Adam D were extremely effective as cutters.  The fact of the matter is that this was one of the best outings that Red has had all season.  I don’t know how far we’ll go in the playoffs, but don’t expect us to politely lay down to a top seed.

Silver v. Orange

Silver v. Orange: Game 3 of the best of 4

This game was crazy. The number of foul calls was INSANE. There was like, 2? 3? I honestly don’t know how we finished on time. There was also a BULLSHIT pick call by the Silver captain (who also had a ton of drops and turfs, what a noob).

Nah, in all seriousness, we had a great clean game, no arguments that I can recall! The Zach, Julian, Michelle handler/movement combo was tough to shut down, and Alex Guthrie was critical when we threw a zone on them. Boothby was cutting great as well, and Caitlin Shields was doing a great job not letting Olivia get anything. Orange played a very, very solid game.

We, unfortunately, did not. Our defense was solid, forcing enough turns to give us opportunities. Alas, we did not turn those into goals. I was very off-kilter throwing multiple turfs and dropping passes I should catch. Our hucks went out of bounds and our throws all barely slipped through the receiver’s hands.

You know what though- we still had some great plays. Jose had a sick D in the endzone against Julian; Colby outran another player for an awesome deep D, and Mills had a RIDICULOUS full field hammer that went over the whole orange team. Tom Brown threw me a beautiful, beautiful flick that snuck right past the defender. That was fun Tom! Justin made a great layout and just baaaarely missed a goal throw, but was still a sick lay out!

Overall, we are taking this game as a lesson on how to improve and kick ASS in the playoffs.

Final Score: Orange 15 Silver 8? 9?

Purple v. Red


A Red Torque Infused Full Extension LayoutD, performed by (idk his name. He’s very elite and reminds me of the quiet patience Dan DePaul has much of the time i’ve marked him: paying attention to a lot at once, appropriately reactive, calculated, focused). During one of the later points in the game, this fellow chose to assume a spin much like a torpedo initiates as the red button is pushed. Torque initiated this player spun through the air much the way one sees those tunnel digging machines spin through rock.


i don’t have anything else to say about this game.


Report Here


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Playoff Bracket

Playoff Bracket


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Predictions for Wildcard

Predictions for Wild Card and Seed Battle

Kelly vs Black:
Rasputin the Immortal: It may be St. Patricks day but Kelly is going to need a lot more than luck in this game.  The true huck of the Irish will be on Black’s side.  A Switzer/TK team will not be relegated to the basement bracket.  Then again,  Adam Knox will most likely be too drunk to care what happens during the game.  They might lose the game but will dominate the party.  Black dominates 15-5
Sun Tsu the Strategist: “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.  Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.”  These are the words that Kelly must take to heart if they are to have any chance of stopping the angry giant that is Black.  Sadly however Kelly’s luck will continue to elude them and Black will secure the win.  Kelly will need to bring out the heat and play unlike they have all season if they want to somehow avoid the basement bracket.  At least they will have a keg.  Black 15-10.
Octavian the Cunning: In life one must do anything to achieve success.  Kelly has failed on all fronts and seems to be all but conquered.  They must follow the Roman method of just keep attacking until eventually the Gods will be on your side and victory will be yours.  Throughout the entire season Kelly has kept their heads up and played hard.  It is now that you must attack your hardest and do whatever you can to attain victory.  Think about what Sun Tsu said and victory will be yours.  However,  I must give victory to the powerhouse that is Black.  TK  will not be content to go quietly to the basement.  Black 15-6.
Neptune God of the Sea: Kelly is stuck in a rip tide they just cant break out of.  They have tried swimming with it but nothing works.  Instead they need to embrace their fate and just play hard and hope that the tide turns.  Kelly stands a chance if Black implodes, which is not uncommon, and as long as they reset to the handlers and work it down the field they might pull an upset victory.  Still Black is just too good and Kelly will end up in the basement.  Black 15-4
White vs Tropic:
Rasputin: Tropic will have a merry old time throwing against whatever sad defense that White can throw at them.  The tropic handlers will be too much to handle (pun intended) for White.  The burden of carrying his team all season has taken a toll on Fletcher.  It will only get worse since he will have to do it again if his team has any chance in this game.  If Fletcher isn’t regularly throwing to the end zone or catching in the end zone  it’ll be a short day for White.  Even with Pip and Dan there.  Tropic 15-9.
Sun Tsu: “Hold out baits to entice the enemy.  Feign disorder, and crush him.”  Unlike the previous game White stands a slim chance against Tropic.  This is a matchup of two underachieving teams.  Tropic is loaded with good handlers and should be a top four team if they had any dominate cutters or deep threats.  As it is White lacks the handlers but has the height and speed to beat anyone on Tropic.  If White would wise up and work to their strengths then they could avoid basement.  I, one of the worlds most reknown generals, will give you the key to winning this game.  Do not work it up with small short throws.  This is not the time to try to go the safe and secure route! NO! You must take risks and crush Tropic with what you can do best.  Send Pip or Fletch deep and just start hucking to them.  White has the height and the speed to bring down almost any disc.  They have deep shooters in Walter and Ben but for some reason refuse to do what they do best.  Mean while Max, Travis, Tanya, Milan, and Allen will speed through whatever defense White can muster and continually score.  IF white listens and follows my orders then they will achieve victory 15-14.  Knowing White though they wont do it and lose badly 15-7.
Octavian: The way that this team was drafted was a huge tactical blunder.  While I myself am a huge fan of Fletcher, he has speed and the ups to beat anyone out on the field, he should never be an early first round pick.  The second round pick was another mistake by veteran captain Jim.  While Pip is a giant and can bring down most anything thrown to him he can not handle.  This team has no leaders and no one that can handle .  Their only bet is to play 500 and hope for the best.  Tropic is a little heavy in the handler department but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Looking at these two teams I am reminded of the Punic Wars with White being Cathage under Hannibal and Tropic being glorious Rome.  And we all remember how that turned out.  Tropic over White 15-9 or White over Tropic 15-14 if the follow the advice that is being freely given.
Neptune: White has ignored the omens all season long.  If they want to finally break free of a losing tradition they must accept what they are.  They must implement a new strategem and just huck it to their deep threats and play some incredible defense.  White has the pieces to pull the win off.  Lisa is a top notch lady and along with Fletcher and her brother they can work it up against any team and take the victory.  They should also send Sam deep.  Who takes a kid seriously at league, hint its no one.  Let Sam show them what a mistake that is and send Black and their evil ways to the basement.  White 15-13
Carolina vs Lime:
Rasputin: This game will probably hinge on if JP is there and if Carolina has people who can huck the disc to him.  If both of those are a yes then Lime will be unable to match Carolina’s firepower.  Otherwise, it could be the Mike Taylor/Trieu Nguyen show.  But they will still need the help of their most elusive teammates.  Timmy Darnell, FroJo, and Matt Chandler.  At least one of them has to show (and play *cough Darnell cough*) for Lime to avoid the basement.  As it is Carolina will take the win 15-12.
Sun Tsu: “There is no instance of a [team] having benefited from prolonged [games].”  This is the motto that Carolina needs to live by come this Sunday.  If a point goes on longer than one turn Lime will secure that point.  Carolina is a one trick pony.  Their best bet to seize the win is to huck the disc as soon as they can to JP and just let him rack up the points.  If Lime can shut down the deep shots and manage to prolong the points then they will attain the victory that Mike so desperately needs.  Sadly for Lime not many people can match up with JP and Smock is pretty damn tricky and can get a deep shot off pretty much at will.  Carolina 15-12.
Octavian: Carolina will have to play their strengths in this game.  Lime however is going to hopefully finally have a full roster and if they do Carolina will get shut out and regulated down to the basement bracket.  I am a firm believer in the Lime team that Mike Taylor has created.  They are better than everyone thinks and could be a contender for Champ bracket.  First though Mike Frojo and Trieu are going to have to play a hard game and shut down Carolina’s deep shots.  I am giving this one to Lime on universe.
Earthshaker: JP must have been blessed by Jupiter himself to get the kind of height he gets.  He probably scored most of Carolina’s points and is the key to victory for Carolina.  Here is a huge hint Tropic.  Force JP under and keep him from going deep and victory will be yours.  Mike Taylor is fast and has the height but even he can not compare to the height that a blessing from Jupiter can bestow.  Carolina 13-11.
Red vs Purple:
Rasputin: It is debatable whether or not Greathouse even cares about what happens in league anymore.  He’ll bring his Frostbreaker trophy and ask if anyone wants pictures with him and the trophy.  Meanwhile,  Travis Lynch, hereby dubbed the Hustle Hamster,  will be running all over the field and over any of the Red players who try to guard him.  It will be a lighthearted affair and both teams will head to the keg early on.  Purple 15-8
Sun Tsu: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”  Both teams play with maximum chaos.  If Travis and Hayden can hold their team together they can sneak the win and send Greathouse to the basement.  A great achievement in itself.  Purple 15-10.
Octavian: This game could be really close or really not.  Travis is super sneaky and quick and Hayden has some magic in him that allows him to catch some of the dumbest throws.  With that combo what can go wrong.  Even with a full roster Red has underperformed all season.  Unless Greathouse wants this win and can convince his team to start working as a team they wont have a chance.  Purple 15-8
Creator of the Horse: Greathouse has defied the tides before and come up with victories that no one could have thought possible.  However one cannot fight the tides of fate forever.  Greathouse will be sent back to the basement where he belongs.  Red will not be able to stop Hayden and Travis and Purple will secure an easy victory. 15-10
Silver vs Orange:
Rasputin: So everyone read Zach’s report from last week, right? (You haven’t? You should go do that now.) It sounded like these two teams loved playing each other.  Good thing they are playing each other for a third time.  Orange may play with some added fire but its only for seeding purposes so it will be in vain.  It will be an okay game until someone makes a questionable call, then all bets are off.  Lets hope for some fireworks.  Silver 15-13.
Sun Tsu: “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”  If both of these teams somehow follow this adage then this might be a fun game to play and watch.  However, with Zach and Goldsmith out there the foul calls will run rampant ruining the game for both the players and the spectators.  That does not mean that there will not be some awesome plays.  Look for Julian to make some nice catches and Zach Michelle and Goldsmith to be moving the disc with ease.  It will be the best match up of the day.  Both  Zach and Davind are league vets and both are veterans of the Nelen School of Ultimate so any momentum either teams build will be quickly quelled by foul calls.  Orange is more polished but Silver is more talented.  Silver 15-13
Octavian: This could be a fun game to watch with some spectacular plays on both sides or it could become a grudge match with who can call the most fouls.  We can all hope it will be the former and we can all have a good game to watch.  Still we never know.  Silver is just a little better equipped to beat Orange.  With Goldsmith and Alek running around Orange will have to play some hard defense and make smart decisions to take the win.  Still Silver will get the win 15-12.
Neptune:  Zach Floyd is soft, Julian is soft.  What do you call Zach Floyd and Julian stuck in a basemnt? A “whine” cellar.  All in good fun fellas.  No but seriously Silver was missing Alek last week and should have him back this week.  With Alek out there Silver should have an easier time this week and sweep Orange.  Silver 15-13.
Royal vs Pink:
Rasputin: Raise your hand if you had a Yozgat team winning the regular season.  Really, you did?  Oh, you were just stretching, never mind.  Yozgat will try to keep this tidal wave of momentum going against a hobbling Nick McGrane.  Pink may prefer to just try not to have anyone injured.  Royal 15-10.
Sun Tsu: “What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.” Royal won their first match up and should easily win again unless Yozgat gets in DDP’s way. Pink is solid but not talented enough to contend against them. McCall is my boy but they have perennial no shows that hurt. Look for Timmy to have a big game as Royal cruises 15-10.
Octavian: Who would have thought that Yozgat would go from 12th to 1st within a span of a season.  He managed to gather a great team that works really well together.  If Yozgat can not play dumb for once and the rest of Royal plays like they always do Pink wont stand much of a chance.  Pink has some solid players like Jay “No Pride” Nwokolo and Corey McCall but with Nick injured and Rose never showing up then Royal will run away with the win 15-8.
Royals patron: Who dares defie the will of a god?! Apparently Pink.  Many of their teammates have been suggesting that Royal is not good enough and that Pink will crush come this Sunday.  They forget that not only do I give them my support but Royal brushed off Pink without two of their dominate players while Pink had their best line up.  Royal will be going balls deep Sunday.  Royal 15-7

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Mar 11, 2013

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Captain’s Reports Week 6

Red vs. Pink

Red over Pink 15-8

All season we have been able to dodge the attendance / injury bug but today we finally got bit.   Adding to the frustration we caught a Red team with their entire roster minus Senor Greathouse.   We won the flip and started on D.  We made Red work for it but they took the lead 1-0.  We exchanged points until 2-2 and then Red pulled ahead 4-2.  We moved the disc well but had a few unforced errors near the end zone.  Red took the lead 6-3 and even after an inspired pep talk we couldn’t fix our issues and Red took half 8-3.

We received the second half pull, found a way to get broken and were down 9-3.  However, my Pink team showed some real resolve and didn’t quit.  We cut the lead to 9-6 and had some opportunities for a turn on the next point but we fell short.  Red started to pull away and we weren’t able to mount any serious threat after that point.  For red, MVP must be Thomas who managed to beat Matt, Jay and I for scores in the end zone and caught a Callahan for a score.  Everyone on Pink performed admirably.  Chris Suarez did a solid job as primary handler and Matt Inman as usual did everything well – handled, cut and played D.  Cam found some nice openings in the second layer of the defense as did sure handed Jay.  Richard really stepped up as a popper and found the openings in their zone.  Our ladies were fantastic, Liz had two Ds including swatting one in the lane above her head and she did a nice job popping and helping us move the disc through Red’s zone D.  Jessica did a wonderful job working the sidelines as the stretcher and caught some nice throws up the line.


Orange v. Silver

Game 2 of 3 of the Orange/Silver matchup was won by Silver.  We had to play very shorthanded, and I apparently forgot how to play this stupid game, so my teammates were playing 6 v 8 for most of it.  Pretty boring game, we traded points for almost all of it until the end when Silver pulled away to win 15-13.

One thing I would like to call out is the dangerous plays from a Silver player (Jose?).  Twice he layed out into the back of Julian’s legs and contested the foul call both times.  If you’re going to lay out, please be considerate of the health of the other player.  Far too many times I’ve seen that exact play wind up in ending a player’s career.

Looking forward to the final game of the series this weekend, hopefully we’ll be closer to full strength and “mole”-less.


Royal v. Purple

Quick game.  Purple had no one at the beginning but luckily they managed to field 6.  We played they played.  Drops and not enough people killed purple in the end.  Was looking forward to playing a fully staffed purple team.  All well.  They were Royals sacrifice to Neptune for playoffs.

Purple vs. Royal

Purple vs. Royal
Dude, it was so cool. We got like 5 points! Or maybe only 4. We got a point when we only had 5players, about 5minutes after Royal’s “We’re going to donut hole them” call. That was funny, because they didn’t, AND we didn’t even make it that easy.
We scored on a kamakazi call and that was so super fun! We scored also on another fun call, but i’m not going to reveal it, because we’ll probably want to use it again.
Royal had Dan, Kelly and Yozgat handling and they were tiering out our zoneD.Travis brought his Frostbreaker winning zone game and
he got a 5spotD! Tiffany, even though she just got back from snowboarding, was all up on the mark. Did i mention we were playing down 1? Discs were flying all willy-nilly and also right-on. Drew defiantly footblocked Travis right in front of our endzone, and it was a solid footblock. Luckily, Timmy DePaul had stayed up too late watching “Return of the Jedi,” so he was half falling asleep all over the field and only scored once. The disc was flying out of our handlers hands kinda funny, but also kinda good. I think that’s probably how Royal felt about their game too. Hadden and Tiffany can get open almost anywhere on the field and they can put sweet  passes just beyond the poppers that have enough hang to them to run down, which is nice! Travis was putting up discs deep to Hussain, some for scores, some to make vast movement before we turned it over near the line. John played savage like a pro and was essential in moving the disc.  Even though Royal wouldn’t match us, it was fine, we still had a good game:) They have a huge team, 12
players showed up! We chanted “close game Royal,” even tho the final score was like 15-5(or4)
Sorry we didn’t have our full roster out Royal


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Feb 28, 2013

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Standings After 10 Games

















1-0; W Royal






0-1, L Orange
















0-0; ptdiff






0-0; ptdiff






2-0; W Lime, Red






1-1; W Red, L Purple






0-2; L Purple, Lime












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Feb 25, 2013

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Game 9&10 Photos

Game 9&10 Photos

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Feb 24, 2013

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Captain’s Reports Week 5

Captain’s Reports Week 5

Silver vs. Purple and Carolina (Full Report)

Silver v. Violet

Whatever else anyone says about this team, I was scared going into this. The B-team crew knows how to move a disc and when to put it deep. There was fantastic breaks by the handling combo of Travis/Haydn and their other players did a great job filling into handler spots. Fortunately, our defensive pressure was able to shut down their up-field short game, resulting in a lot of turns for them on forced throws or our players running through hard and stopping the short. Purple’s strategy of hucking to Mike Vu worked for a while, until we put Jose “Beastmode” Varillas on him who quickly put an end to that.

We took an early lead in this game but purple began to catch up when Dan Jackson and Claudia arrived to help out. I think it was 6-3 at half, and purple scored right out of half with a great play. I believe for the most part we stayed on serve after that, with only a few turns on our part and some great hucks deep to Brendan, nice plays by Adrian in the middle, and great movement by Pooke. We brought it up to 10-5, at which point I told Tom Brown all hucks were greenlighted. Tom loves hucking and is extremely gracious in playing with our team’s short-range chilly style, so when we get an opportunity to go crazy we take it! We turned it over twice more and purple scored twice more (Not as any fault of Tom Brown’s, I don’t think we even hucked it) and hucks were back to yellow light. We finished up the last point to finish the game 11-7.

Silver Highlights:

  • Goldsmith grabbed at least 2 sneaky D’s, Mills definitely nabbed one, Brendan snagged one.
  • Adrian grabbing a high floaty disc, maybe in the endzone- I was impressed with the catch!
  • Lyle had a ridiculous sick flick put to me in the endzone, I thought I was going to need to lay out but it just kinda spun in place so I could easily run up to it.
  • I noticed that Colby put a real hard stop on his man defensively- stopped him from going deep and didn’t let him touch it often under.
  • Olivia had a sweet bid deep on a disc that was juuuust too far, but she gave it 110% with a diving layout. She also helped the handlers out with great cuts a couple times.
  • I’m giving myself a highlight for a good dramatic game-ending throw to Lyle too ;) .

Purple Highlights:

  • Travis had an awesome layout D on somebody.
  • Michael Vu was skying us left and right, including one which I should’ve had but missed, argh!!


Silver v. Carolina

This was one of our toughest, and best, games this season. Overall everyone was very good spirited, and for the most part the couple of foul/travel calls were discussed calmly. This game was really played well by both teams- our offense was fairly strong with only one or two drops and a couple bad shots, while Carolina’s offense was extremely powerful and tough to stop. We knew the Smock flick to JP deep was going to be a threat, so we initially threw Goldsmith onto JP to cover him but I think Goldsmith was still trying to stop the under on JP, resulting in a couple of deep goals for them. When Goldsmith was off, I tried to cover JP, resulting in another couple goals for them deep. That guy is damn hard to cover deep! Whenever they weren’t throwing it deep to JP the combo of Smock and Lemons was tough to stop under- they were throwing great breaks to each other and working it up through Dylan, Mani, and Travis (I think that was Travis anyway, I don’t actually know. The frizzy haired guy who caught it deep a number of times.)

Our defense was working hard to stop their unders but breaks were still getting through, which was frustrating. In particular Mills was running really hard and with our rookies Jeff and Brendan shutting down their cutters we forced them into high stall counts and crappy throws a number of times, however they always seemed to come away with it. Carolina took half 6-5 and received the pull, going up 7-5. I think this was the first game this season I have attended where silver was down and it was lighting a FIRE under our asses! I could see the team was pumped- we came out firing hard and managed to get a break back with some solid play.

We went point for point for a bit, then it was 10-8. Uh-oh. I remember on that point Lemons boinked a disc and we were like “awwww yiss!” but then Tom Brown did some combination of getting handblocked and just dropping it and we were like “awwww noooo!” Regardless, our team’s defense on this point was incredible all the way through and resulted in us getting a score with some tight offense. 10-9 was a great point too- I know I wanted to call a line but I resisted and wasn’t disappointed when our rookies (in conjunction with Goldsmith’s bracket) shut down their guys and we forced the turn and scored.

10-10, Universe Point, alright on this one I’m calling a line! We had our boss line in to try and get a stop and played our bracket with myself on the inside and goldsmith deep to stop the JP/other guy deep threat, however Carolina responded brilliantly and stuffed two guys into my position. They worked it up there most of the way up the field, where we put a TON of pressure on them and forced three questionable throws in a row. Alas, the final questionable throw was caught in the endzone by their players and the game was done.

Final score: Carolina over Silver 11-10.

Silver Highlights:

  • Goldsmith’s bracket plan on 10-9 was a great one and definitely got us a break there. I wish we had used that earlier and begun alternating it with other plays!
  • Jeff was making Mani’s life very difficult which I was happy to see.
  • Jose and Pooke kept our offense alive in the difficult backhand force Carolina threw on us
  • Nan did a fantastic job handling and had a sick deep cut
  • Tom Brown played really solid offense this game, keeping everything running and always being there for a reset
  • Justin was cutting hard in the middle and had a couple great deep runs, was open when we needed him!

Carolina Highlights:

  • JP’s multiple deep catches (although do you realllly have to shout and spike the disc EVERY time you catch it?)
  • That other guy (sorry I don’t know your name) catching it deep like 3+ times
  • Mani was cutting hard and had a great D on Justin
  • All the ladies on Carolina did a good job neutralizing ours and stopping the deep threat
  • Mad props to whomever figured out how to destroy our bracket

Royal vs. Lime and Red (Full Report)

Royal vs Lime

11 – 10
This week we knew would be a little harder than our earlier weeks.  Drew, Derek, and Kevin were all missing.  The rest of the team would have to play harder and more points than they had all season.  This game was a hard game for Royal.  Lime made it extremely difficult to move the disc forward.  For the most part we traded points back and forth with Lime coming out with a two point lead at one point.  Royal brought it together and fought back and managed to snag the win by the skin of our teeth.  Sometime during this game,  the first half I believe, Teck re-aggravated an injury and had to come out.  This is important for the next game.  After that we had two subs for the guys and had to figure a way to shut down Mike Taylor.  That man is ridiculously fast.  Lime had it together the entire game playing extremely hard and made some great plays.  A very tough team.
Royal vs Red
11 – 6
Now this game was the most important game of the season for me.  A standing tradition was at stake and if Royal lost that majestic tradition would have been cruelly ended.  Watching the sea of Red throw around before the game was a little discouraging specifically since it looked like they had their full team out there.  Royal won the flip and started out on defense.  Dont really know how it started but I know Royal took half and right after receiving after half we had two injuries within seconds of each other.  Fox messed up his knee and Peter apparently was throwing up.  From that point on Royal had to play savage against a full red going with 5/2 the rest of the game no matter what they threw at us.  We threw a hard zone and they had an extremely hard time getting any movement going.  Eventually we started trying out a new zone and it seemed to work pretty well.  Red had some nice plays but sadly I dont remember their names.  Elliot on Royal was on fire this game making some fantastic cuts and some really good catches.  The rest of Royal played really well.  Andrew got a butt block, his 2nd of the season.  Kathy and Kellie both played great getting multiple catches and I believe Kathy got his first score of the season which was awesome.

White vs Red and Purple

Report here 

Tropic vs. Orange and Black (Full Report)

orange 11 tropic 9 This was a great game, fast-paced, good spirited, with lots of hucks and excitement. We were down 6-4 at the half after a few mistakes, then went on a 3-0 run to go up 7-6. We had a 9-8 lead, but mistakes doomed us the rest of the way and we fell 11-9.  Should have won this one, but give credit to Orange for making key plays when they needed to.  For tropic, Milan and Travis played very well – having so many handlers gave us a lot of flexibility on offense. Orange is an very fast team, making it a tough slog on O at times, and Zach was as usual, all over the field both as a consistent reset for the dump and as a deep threat coming down with Ben Stone bombs.

Tropic 11 Black 6 Fired up from the close loss to Orange, we came out strong in this one. Black also was probably a little tired after a long game against Carolina that went down to the wire. Max essentially took this game over as a deep threat, coming down with a multitude of backhands and hammers from Milan and Travis.  Great team defense helped too – Switzer and Ted were as usual tough to handle but we were able to lock down most of blacks other targets to make moving the disc a tough proposition. Shane also racked up his usual tally of impressive Ds on deep throws.  I think it was 6-3 at the half, and we traded for a while after half before a small run to close out the game. 

Pink vs. Kelly and Lime (Full Report)

Buscemi (Pink) over Huck of the Irish (Kelly) 11:4

Go go gadget stream-of-consciousness-captains-report. Pink players start trickling in late, the rain does too. I’m not happy about it, the rain just makes everything more difficult and I know I’m going to have an absurd number of errors because of it. And Corey isn’t here! AKK!  Oh well, we got Nick McGrane and that guy can ball, we’ll be alright.  The one good thing about the rain is it makes for some great zone defense and we need that because no one can cover JT 1-on-1.  We start on D and come out strong. Our zone gets us a few turns to start out the game, with some big time assists from the rain and we get up 4-0 in a hurry. Falk is on fire, he’s already thrown 2 hammers for scores.  But James, Brandon and Schimmel got the disc moving nicely on the next point and punched it in for a score. Warning! Shameless self-serving comment ahead: On the next possession I had one of the best catches of my life, dragging my feet at the back corner cone for a score before I belly flopped out of bounds. Santonio Holmes Super Bowl XLIII style.  Sorry Cardinal fans.  We ended up taking half 6-1 or 6-2.
The second half was a lot like the first half. We played a Box-and-1 zone trying to limit James’ touches and it mostly worked to our advantage.  Jess made a beautiful break side cut for a score and Suarez had several great hucks. Everyone played really well and we triumphed 11-4.
Shoutouts to Brandon B for being the most active of the Kelly handlers, and hats off to James for his run through D and nasty hammers.  For Pink, Chris’ hammer scores have to be celebrated as do our rookies.  Cam and Patrick have both come a long way and are both contributing big time on both sides of the disc.
Buscemi (Pink) over Quentin  Tarangreeno (Lime) 11:6
Whether or not what we experienced this game was an According to Hoyle miracle is insignificant. What is significant is that Lime had just finished a brutal game to Universe, they were tired, Corey finally made it to the field and we were hungry for a win.  We played our best game of the season and it came at the wrong time for a reeling Lime team.  We started on offense and scored quickly with a long bomb from Suarez to Corey. Lime was suffering from an uncharacteristic number of drops in this game and we were able to take full advantage of it.  Nick was rippin flick hucks deep, Jess was making sweet up line cuts for scores, Jason was showing off his step out forehand, and even our new guys were ballin out (Cam to Patrick for a nasty layout score). We took half 6-0.
At this point we all looked at our fearless captains and asked “What now?” And Nick replied, with steel and seething competitive fury ringing in his voice imbuing it with a volume and clarity that made our bodies sing with renewed purpose, “I’ll tell you what now. I’ma call a line of hard, pipe-hittin’ defenders, who’ll go to work on Lime here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.”  After a half time pep talk about not eating bacon because pigs are filthy animals (which isn’t enough to dissuade me from eating pork products, and was hardly germane to the game at hand) we came out strong, got our D and went up 7-0.  After that Lime started to click. We tried out our zone but Tarangreeno quickly scored, then forced a turn on our goal line for another quick point. Mike was clubbing me over the head with great cuts and catches, the whole while letting me know that that sting I was feeling was just Pride fudging with me (Mike doesn’t curse and I think that is awesome).  We needed a jump on offense and we got one in the form of a quick break mark swing to Nick and a huge backhand to Jay for another score.  But Lime won’t go down without a fight, and scored two more after some nifty handling by FroJo, a sick layout D by Timmy and some squirrelly cutting by Sara and Andrew.  It would have been 3 straight points for Lime if Chris hadn’t gone Dwight Howard (pre-Lakers trade) on two green receivers in our own endzone.  Instead Corey gets it on the line, hucks it deep to Nick who then feeds it to a hustling Patrick for a score.  Lime made it into the endzone a couple more times but the game ended with a perfect back-of-the-stack cut from Cam, a perfect throw from Corey, and a score of 11-6.
Shout outs to Timmy for his two amazing layouts and Sara for being the constant reset.  For pink, the hardware goes to Jess for playing savage all day and being a big time contributor to our score column in both games, and to Nick for his unrivaled defensive prowess.
 - Matt


Purple vs. Silver and White

Report here 

Orange vs. Tropic and Kelly (Full Report)

Orange vs. Tropic (11-9) At the start of this game, it was looking like we were going to have a real easy game with Tropic only having 6 people.  Unfortunately for us, Tropic’s help slowly rolled into the field, with a second lady joining just before the first pull, Allen Lu after the first point, Travis and Tanya shortly after that, and the Grandmaster himself, Hooper, a few points into the game.  Great.  We started off getting broken, and then scored and broke back to regain the lead.  This would be how most of the game would go.  One team would break a few times, and then give the points right back.  We took half 6-4 after a few good deep shots from Ben.  We let Tropic climb back in, and they fired off three points in a row to go up 7-6.  The Hooper to Travis combo was pretty hard to stop even with our best defenders playing good defense on both of them.  Specifically, Hoop ran to pick up a turned disc and before he even fully stood up all the way, launched a hammer to Travis who caught it in stride on the breakside running deep.  Pretty hard to stop a perfect throw to league’s fastest man.  We tried zone a few times to stop their deep options, but the experience of Travis, Tanya, Hoop and Max made it really hard to force turnovers.  Our offense cleaned things up and we traded points until Tropic was up 9-8.  After another offensive score from us, our defense woke up and we finally got the breaks we needed all game to take the lead and the game, 11-9.

Orange vs. Kelly (11-3) Our game with Tropic ended pretty quickly and apparently so did Kelly’s game with Pink, so we started about 5 minutes before the soft cap horn went off for the first game.  Our first point was pretty chaotic, but we played great defense and forced Kelly to make a lot of throws until they finally turned it over.  I hucked it to Jackson, and he caught it just outside the endzone, and then made a difficult throw to a diving Caitlyn for our first goal of the game.  James and Brandon would prove tough to stop in the short game, and they weaved it around for a couple of goals early.  We traded points for a little bit, with Kelly’s last goal of the game coming on a ridiculous stumbly-bumbly catch from Jordan (?) on a tough to read left-to-right bladey huck.  Nice grab.  We played much better short game offense this round and worked it in to take half 6-3.  We played zone coming out in the second half, and it would prove to be too much for Kelly’s handling crew of James, Brandon and Schimmel.  Lots of breaks later, final score, 11-3 Orange over Kelly.

For Orange, everyone played really well today, I think everyone had their own moments of greatness.  Highlights:

Julian: CALLAHAN!  Great defense all day and he played a lot smarter with the disc on offense. Ben Stone: Great hucks as usual, several D’s as short deep in the zone. Alex: More great defense in the zone, several good deep cuts, just gotta work on skying people several inches taller than you. Boothby: As usual, flew all over the field.  No turnovers today and scored several goals. Big Ben Williams: Great juke step deep cut for a goal.  Constant 20 yard under option.  At some point, league will learn to cover you, I just hope it doesn’t happen until you’re no longer on my team. Greg: Thanks for coming out and supporting us while you try to heal your knee up.  Get better soon! Curtis: Sick smackdown handblock in the Kelly game.  Great cuts and overall defense. Jackson: Constantly beating his men all over the field.  Tried him out in several positions in the clam, and he did great in all of them.

Michelle:  Fell down while running down on a pull.  Julian knew this and was forced to get a Callahan to compensate.  Strategic captaining. Ashley: Great cuts, if only Michelle were brave enough to throw it, you would have had several goals. Caitlyn: Diving grab to save Jackson’s throw for a goal.  Played great as usual up front in the clam.

Last but not least, the player who should be voted WL 2013′s MVP, Stephen Hofstetter: This guy continues to be a beast.  Too many D’s to count today, on hucks, under passes, on the mark, in the zone, Steve was all over the place.  On offense, he continues to be our most reliable underneath/reset cutter. 

Carolina vs. Black and Silver

Report here 

Kelly vs. Pink and Orange (Full Report)

Hey guys, just got home from the games and wanted to knock these things out.

Pink over Kelly 11-4

We threw the disc to the ground alot, because we thought everything green was on our team.

Orange over Kelly 11-4

See previous report…


I really wanted to be negative about how bad our record is and how frustrating it is to lose EVERY WEEK… but I just can’t.  I sat down and was like, “Self, why aren’t you depressed about all this” and I realized it’s because I’m doing what I set out to do when I signed up for league.  Sure, probably like everyone I wanted to win every game and be 1st place and be recoreded as the greatest team to ever play in gainesville ultimate city league (because that’s a HUGE deal…) but in reality I joined league for 3 reasons.

1) To disguise exercise as frisbee 2) Meet some new people and make some new friends 3) Have fun

If we all think about it, that’s probably why most of us joined league in the first place. And I’m sure I’m gonna catch hell from schimm for this, but I think we should embrace having fun and stop going in expecting to win. There’s no doubt its more fun to win, and I’m by no means advocating apathy, but let’s face it, we aren’t gonna win too many more games this season.  That said, I like everyone on our team and would enjoy hanging out with everyone of you guys.  As far as the exercise thing goes, I try to come off every point because I’m winded from all that sprinting.  And the fun thing has been happening when we aren’t to wrapped up in this silly game with the silly disc and even sillyer (ya, thats a word. just wrote in my dictionary) rules.  I hope we all enjoy this break we get next week, and come back with high spirits and really try to do things we want to improve and gave some fun.  If you wanna huck it, go for it.  You wanna throw a hammer in a game even tho you’ve never even practiced ‘em, I’m 100% behind you. You wanna organize a lefty only(righty only for Jordan) throws point to try and confuse the other team, HELL YA!  I hope everyone has a productive week this week, and enjoys spring break (SUCKS TO BE YOU CLEA, JORDAN, JENNY, AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO DOESN’T HAVE SB ’13). Be safe, and keep your heads up.  At least we have the best color and the coolest cheer!


Black vs. Carolina and Tropic (Full Report)

Black 10 Carolina 8

This was a very tight game from beginning to end.  We started off on offense and Carolina came down in zone.   We a couple of unforced errors, but were finally able to score to make it 1-0.  We traded points until about 3-3 when Carolina was able to get a break by forcing a turnover close to our own goal line.  They were able to ride this 1 point break to take half 6-5.  Turning point of the game happened at the beginning of the second half when we were able to get two breaks right off the bat.  The soft cap came on right before Carolina scored to make it 8-8.  After a couple of longer points, we were able to finish the game 10-8

Best IO flick:  Josh Clemons.  Dirty break flick that probably should have been caught for a score.

Best Defensive Player:  Logan Thomas.  Logan did a great job down field guarding JP.


Black 6 Tropic 11

We started off on D against Tropic and missed a golden opportunity to convert one of our D’s into points.  Tropic holds 1-0.  We take of business to make 1-1.  After that, Max balled out and caught everything that was within a 10 yard radius of his outstretched arms.  I remember at least 3 layouts for hucks that resulted in a score.  Tropic quickly went up 6-2.  Although we played better in the second half, our offense was still out of sync for the majority of the game.  We were able to string together a couple of good points, but it was too late.  Tropic 11 Black 6.

Best layout: Irene Shields.  Irene had an AMAZING catch chasing down a disc that floated over her head.

Surprise performer:  Milan Hooper.  Don’t let the beard fool you.  He still has game.

Red vs. White and Royal (Full Report)

Mukduk v. White


Red had a pretty complete roster on Sunday, with Greg making his first appearance since January.  Anyway, I thought that this was a very clean and polite game.  The calls on the field were reasonable and the spirit was really good for both sides.  As for the game itself, I think we took half 6-4 after finally getting a break pretty late.  Our goal was to catch the disc, which we did- finally!  In the second, both offenses continued to convert resulting in a final of 10-7, Red.


White MVPs: Fletcher is one of the most athletic players in league.  He’s not tall, but he plays tall.  Captain Martinez had a really good game as a handler; I’m not sure that he had any turns.  Walter, of course, was on fire- in a high stall count, he sent a full field huck for the score.  Lisa hit the ground for a really nice catch, while both Dan and Mallori played extremely well.


Red MVPs: Jessica had her best game of the season, and was aggressive in pulling down a couple of catches.  TJ and Jake have both dramatically improved on O and D, and were both consistently against both man and zone D.  Benjamin is another player who is getting to be quite good.  Really though, as a team, we all played quite well.  I was extremely pleased with our performance.


Mukduk v. Royal


In this one, we were our worst enemy.  Red turned the disc over too many times, and Royal’s ability to convert put us in a deep hole .  After taking half 6-3, errors continued to plague us before we finally gave up the ghost, 6-11.  Again, this was another friendly, good spirited game.


MVPs for Royal: Basically, it was the Wheels and DDP show.  Both guys bravely stayed on for every single point, heroically resisting our efforts to come back and win.


MVPs for Red: Eh, there weren’t too many highlights, but we did have some moments where we looked ok.  Adam Torrey, of course, was fantastic and drew the toughest D assignments.  Leslie caught everything, while Greg had at least one really nice hammer.

Lime vs. Royal and Pink

Report here 

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