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Trick or Treat

With Halloween just around the corner we’re wondering, who’s in costume and for whom a sheet or brown paper bag with wholes on would be an improvement.    Black      (4-2) – Look, we get...

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Summer League 2017 Draft Tonight!

The board should start populating at 7:00pm EST tonight, Monday 5/15. The first games will be this Tuesday and Wednesday. See ya’ll on the field!

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The State of League, Spring 2017

April 5, 2017 The State of League, Spring 2017 by Mike Greathouse When I became an organizer of Gainesville Ultimate ten years ago, it gradually became my top priority. I’ve given up pick up...

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Finally – a New League Article

To: My Dearest Bob Ross From: Your Friendly Neighbor, Mr Rodgers Hello neighbor and season’s greetings! Another season of Gainesville league has come and gone and with it another dull season. Why was it...

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WEEK ONE BOLD PREDICTIONS by John Schimmelphenig (Admin note: not actually written by Schimmel. Seriously.) Bold predictions after one week of league? You’re thinking, ‘you can’t make bold predictions after one week.’ As usual,...

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White vs. Black

  White vs. Black by Alek   Final game score: 13-11 Opposing team’s spirit score: 10 Captain’s Writeup: In case you missed the memo, it was hot hot HOT out today. We started this...