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Who Won The Draft: Winter League 2019

Well here we are again. Another season, another “Stop Greathouse”. Fortunately, that should be pretty easy this season. In case you haven’t seen it, the draft board is here –> White Sky hates...

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Trick or Treat

With Halloween just around the corner we’re wondering, who’s in costume and for whom a sheet or brown paper bag with wholes on would be an improvement.    Black      (4-2) – Look, we get...

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Summer League 2017 Draft Tonight!

The board should start populating at 7:00pm EST tonight, Monday 5/15. The first games will be this Tuesday and Wednesday. See ya’ll on the field!

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The State of League, Spring 2017

April 5, 2017 The State of League, Spring 2017 by Mike Greathouse When I became an organizer of Gainesville Ultimate ten years ago, it gradually became my top priority. I’ve given up pick up...

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Finally – a New League Article

To: My Dearest Bob Ross From: Your Friendly Neighbor, Mr Rodgers Hello neighbor and season’s greetings! Another season of Gainesville league has come and gone and with it another dull season. Why was it...

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WEEK ONE BOLD PREDICTIONS by John Schimmelphenig (Admin note: not actually written by Schimmel. Seriously.) Bold predictions after one week of league? You’re thinking, ‘you can’t make bold predictions after one week.’ As usual,...