Captain’s Report: Final Regular Season

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  1. Yehuda says:

    I found someones Nalgene bottle left behind at the fields today. Let me know if it is yours and I will return it to you.

  2. A-dub says:

    (Gold) Gold Fish O<I 15 vs 10 Medium Rare (Pink)

    So this week was a battle between the haves and the have nots. Pink has a bunch of wins and Gold has a bunch of “character building exercises”. Pink already secured their post season where as Gold was fighting to stay out of the basement bracket. In a week where every captain decided to take the week off it was no surprise that Conrad, our fearless leader, and Layton, the not so fearless, followed suit and took the week off, leaving their constituents to fend for themselves. Though the equal merit for such absences can be contested because Conrad was leading a B-team to a friz tourney and Josh lead some people South Carolina for a Wii Tournament. I'll let the people decide.

    As for captaining duties, they seemed to have fallen to the likes of Nelen, KJ, and myself. Whatever person in league allowed that to happen should be stockaded and flogged. So the three musketeers all gathered and discussed the pending nature of our game, the gentle giant KJ suggesting that we should just have fun, I proposing that this was a good opportunity for people to get some playing time and experience, and Nelen graciously reminded us that because we three were to play a game unchecked that we should mentally prepare each other and our teams for at least one phantom call per half…. I mean who are we kidding?!?!? we have a reputation to protect.

    Pink was without Layton (not so big a deal) and Josh Barker and Fletch (HUGE DEAL). While Gold got some needed support from the dynamic doctor duo of Tice and Byron. (both of whom took time from their bloody schedules to see this season through to the end) Byron I believe didnt get off work until 8am (ER night shift… I do not envy him) Will Brewer showed up bandaged and broken from a horrendous hit and run cycling accident on campus. The perpetrator is still at large and deemed dangerous by the university police (please wear extra protection and helmet gear) who's ankles will be her next victim noone knows. Regardless of the low attendance sunday both gold and pinks reserves showed up in strength with both teams able to field at least 8 guys and 2 girls!

    Gold has struggled with zone all year. But whether by some stroke of genius or dumb luck I figured that we should try the Box-n-One format and hassle at least one of their handlers all game, this turned out to often be KJ, leaving Nelen and Lisa to “put the team on their back and direct traffic”. BRILLIANCE. Next thing we know we start the game off with 3 straight breaks… most of them looking like this *** pink makes 20 throws, Mark Becker gets a D in the middle of the zone, I pick it up and huck it to one of the many deep options we had (Kelly catching a score or two, Jay with a few huck catches and Mark reeling in 7 scores on the day). Our zone was so effective that I felt comfortable, even encouraged, to green light more throws and if anyone doesnt need that added motivation to huck its me. Pink fought back and scored after a LONG meticulous 30 throw point. Mix in a few well timed timeouts (pink 1… gold 2) we were able to rest our team (mainly kelly and michelle who pulled the 2-woman cup duties and kept that disc in front of them the whole time… their zone looked so good I thought I was playing with Hot-n-Sweaty.

    Gold takes half 8-3.

    Then Fletch showed up. I cant say that I've ever seen one players arrival on a team change their chemistry so much. Fletcher has resurrected and to be honest he's having the type of season that should put him right back into the forefront of the discussion for “best player in league”. Everything we got from this point was hard earned. Fletcher started beating us with his hammers, Nelen started throwing no-look perfect blades…. all of a sudden as a deep deep I felt myself constantly back on my heels awaiting one of the many deep shots to come sailing over my head.

    Robert Johnson who I've been told has up and down games was nothing but solid. He made no mistakes and had several difficult catches with me bidding (I wasnt gonna give the kid free-bees especially after he already snaked one or two from me earlier). Dont know about the other games this season but the guy has solid hands, even turned up field and threw a perfect flick for an assist… no hesitation! Props kid!

    We battled back and forth with a break or two from either side, the game really felt like it could go either way, and in truth I felt at any moment Gold could crumble and Pink would come roaring back to assert their dominance in a game that didnt even matter.

    Fortunately for us we buckled down and maintained the focus that got us our lead and won the game 15-10 or 15-9… Im not certain.

    Shout outs – Gold

    Matt Tice had 2 D's several great cuts and 1 score. Nathan Rhodes had 2 scores and 1 D. Both of these guys managed to have two of their best games of the season while drawing the one on one duty in the zone of shutting down KJ which is a tall order.

    Michelle and Kelly – for being the defensive anchor for our zone, controlling and containing…. though they didnt necessarily reap the defensive stats, theirs were the shoulders upon which the rest of our zone rested GREAT JOB!!!! you girls played AWESOME… never taking a point off!!!!

    Mark Becker – 6 D's 7 scores and 2 assists…. the stats explain themselves

    Jay – for throwing one of the most beautiful hucks to a girl I have ever seen and yet I was not to be. Im going to give credit to Jay where credit is due. He really made a Ton of great plays that dont show up in the stats (I do believe he had 3 or 4D's) but he also had 3-5 hockey assists which make all the difference. Also for drawing the one on one with Fletch once he showed up… a tall order to ask of anyone…. but he was up to the task

    Byron for just showing up. Your presence REALLY made all the difference.

    John Dickinson – being selfless hustling, and always being in the right spot at the right time once we broke the zone. Most teams can break the zone, but whether they can make the next pass makes all the difference. You were that difference today!


    Nelen, KJ, and Lisa – literally anchored the depleted Pink and made so many high percentage throws it was difficult if not impossible to measure their worth.

    Aaron Riggs – for tirelessly dominating the middle of the field (you really should have played more points your team needed your hustle and legs more than you know!)

    Fletcher – for showing up and treating your teammates/opponents and league like they matter. All too often we see number one picks take the week off or not show up in games that dont really matter. Your skills make you great, but your commitment to your team and league set you apart.

    Robert Johnson – for making several tough grabs though highly contested (by yours truly)… I see bright things ahead…. the future looks bright!

    • A-dub says:

      Forgot to mention Adam Wilkey constantly trolling our team from the sideline… #fuelformyfire

      Nelen taking the time to squirt the warmest of drinking water all over my leg as I tried to organize my team for a set play from the sideline, if I had been any more focused on the game, he probably could have gotten away with worse.

      Will Brewer- though injured he was undeterred in showing his support for our team

      Sarah – for showing up and being my ray of sunshine from the sideline. Yo lucho por ti!

  3. Mr. B says:

    Where does the king keep his armies? I’ll tell you at the end. In the meantime let me tell you about how Team8 beat Black 15-5.

    It started great. 3-0 us. Black scores one on a drive that Ocala Tom kept going with a layout save. He was doing that all day. Many athletic saves from Tom. This one was a blowout for pretty much the whole game. Hot, fun, and friendly. After Teets, Drew, and Brian worked the disc up the field, Kathie caught a score that got the black sideline pumped.

    Drew was laying out like a Terza all day. He had a huge full extension catch on offense and another big layout for a D. *As I was writing down a note about his monster D, he turned the disc over. I look up and we have it and swing to Dan. GIANT BID BY DREW!!!!!!!! but he misses it and we score. 8-2.

    “It was my D to give away,” Drew said laughing. “That’s why its ok.” In a mass text chat room there was a conversation about Drew the other day. Everybody had very nice things to say. “My least favorite thing about Drew is that I don’t get to see him more often,” said somebody.

    Other highlights: Corinne got back into the endzone for 2 score, thats her specialty. Timmy got bookends on game point by skying Tom and then catching a score from DDP. That guy Brian on black is pretty good. What his background? He must be an athlete of some kind.

    The black team had a team puppy that was very cute. The kids were playing with her and trying to keep her out of some storm drain. Sam came up with the brilliant idea to block off the drain with an umbrella! Timmy gave him props for it. I missed Greathouse. This report didn’t have great flow, but it reported the events of the day. Does anybody think its funny that the Captains Log Log, meant to hold captains accountable for their reports, fell apart and stopped being used? Its like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. Its like meeting the girl of your dreams and then meeting DDP.

    He keeps his armies n his sleevies!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dan DePaul says:

    So what’s the tiebreaker for six teams with a 6-5 record? That is the scenario right? Ready…..go!

  5. D Wil says:

    These reports though…

  6. Pink Taco says:

    Coming into this past weekends match-up a few things were certain for Pink
    1) We had already secured the #1 overall seed
    2) Our top three scorers, Meagan, and Joshes Layton and Barker would all be absent
    3) Gold, who had been floundering coming into the game, was seeded 9th and wouldn’t likely go quietly into the basement bracket–Not with A-Dub at the helm at least.
    Walking out to the field I could tell the majority of the team was present. There was Lisa, KJ, Nelen, Fletcher’s parents, but no Fletcher…
    We started on O and quickly turned the disc over. A-Dub picked it up and capitalized on a huge huck and score. This process was repeated rather quickly an additional two times to the tune of a 3-0 Gold lead.
    That’s when Pink fired back with a score of their own followed by a break and score to make it 3-2. That’s as close as we ever got to taking the lead. Gold went on another 3 score streak before taking half 8-3.
    It was clear that without our top-2, arguably 3, players, Pinks chances weren’t good.

    Coming out of half Gold scored easily. Pink was able to work it up the field with 20+ passes before getting in it for a score 9-4. That’s when Fletcher showed up and the dynamics of the game changed. If there was a league MVP, this guy has earned it. And just like that momentum shifted to pink, we broke Gold and were able to score. Then we did it again to make it 9-6. Then we broke again and scored to bring the game within 2 points, but a phantom pick call sent the disc back and the pursing turnover on the goal line shifted momentum back to Gold. We started trading points unable to put together a solid zone D making the game 12-8 Gold. Somewhere in there Layton’s cousin Robert Johnston had a sick flick pass to Scott Arrighi. Like I said we weren’t able to mount a solid D and gold went on a 3-1 run to win 15-9.

    -Fletcher is the guru of go for Pink. In the little less than half the game he played he had 4 assists and 2 Ds. Not only did his presence give us a legitimate passing attack on offense, but on defense he was his usual deep-deep self which had to make A-Dub think twice before slinging it.

    -Robert Johnston’s performance really can’t be understated. He’s usually good for a couple snags a game, but he was super excited for his ever league assist.

    -Scott Arrighi, a remnant of the now defunct Westwood pickup crew, had his third 3-score game of the season. As a relative unknown he has caught on to learning curb surprisingly well for his first season.


    A-Dub: Does it matter who you put on him? No. The guy has one of the best arms in league and it was on full display with a wide array of throws.

    -Pink had an uncharacteristically high 18 turnovers.

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