Captain’s Reports: Games 5&6

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  1. Zach says:

    Salt Water Fish Tank vs Iron Grey

    Perfect day to play Ultimate. I would try to recount specifics but when I try to recall the game I just see a big red frustrating blur. Iron Grey is a tough matchup. Between Nick, DDP, and Aaron they have a strong handling base that does not make many mistakes. Kellie dominated the center of our zone. If it was thrown upside down, she was going to catch it. And when is Timmy getting called up to the men’s side of the draft. In all seriousness I hope my 1 year old can play like Timmy when he gets to that age. That kid is going to continue to get more dominant.

    Tropics offense looked a little flat for this first game. In customary fashion we started out strong, only to drop like 3 straight points to let them take half. Once we figure out the mid-game we will be set. There unfortunately weren’t many ticks on the stat sheet. I do have some shoutouts though:
    – Great to have Logan back this week! He can turn on the jets and scored 2 of our 6 points.
    – Hallie had a great assist this game
    – Mike Pawley stepped up this week. He played a solid game distributing the disc in the middle of the field.
    – Elise continued her weekend scoring streak

    Salt Water Fish Tank vs Lost at Sea

    Holy Crap! This one was entertaining. Tropic loves the drama so we obviously went up 4-2 only to let them take half at 5-6. All part of the game plan… This game was a huckfest with the occasional streak of good handling. We battled back in the second half to get 2 breaks and traded points until 9-9. We had a turnover in the red zone that resulted in a Navy score and we found ourselves in a tough spot: Score or lose. We put a strong line out and held serve to tie the game at 10. Ultimate point: Our zone defense bent but didn’t break, however navy was moving the disc well and got it in the red zone quickly. About 10 yards out they threw a poofy pass that I was able to intercept. I quickly passed it off to a real handler and we were able to work it through the mid field. Casey came up with a clutch bobbled catch and found Smock in the dump space. Smock hit me for the score.

    Im really proud of my team for the way we came back in this game. The second half had a completely different energy. Here are the shoutouts:
    – Glad to have Casey back for this game, so dominant in the air.
    – Smock and Jackie cranked out the majority of our assists this game. Jackie is so solid.
    – Logan Walker posted 2 scores and 3 D’s this game.
    – We had alot of juice flowing from the sideline!

  2. Evan says:

    Carolina 9, Pink 10

    What a great game. This one was close the whole time, in fact it ended on serve. Despite the fact that Carolina never held a lead, I don’t think Pink ever pulled ahead by more than a break.

    We exchanged breaks early in the game, then pink took another to make it 5-3. We put in our offensive point and then broke to bring it back on serve. Pink took half 6-5.

    The second half was more of the same. If I remember correctly, Pink went up a break early. Carolina broke back to tie it and force a universe point. Despite causing three pink turnovers, Carolina could not punch it in.

    This was by far the best our team had played. Our defense took three or four huge steps forwards. Aisha led the way with 4(!) Ds, but more than that we played great team defense. If only we could have figured out a way to finish the game off.

    Carolina 8, Black 11

    After a long universe point game, we came into this one quite tired. This is hardly an excuse though because Black came into it in similar circumstances with fewer subs!

    Before we could catch our breaths, Black took half 6-2! It was clear that they were tiring, and unfortunately had lost Mr. Thomas just before half.

    I thought perhaps Carolina could mount a comeback out of half time, but it wasn’t to be. The hole climbed to 8-3 and looked hopeless. For whatever reason the tides decided that moment to turn. We went on a massive run fueled by Dustin’s 5(!) assists. Our comeback made the game look respectable at 8-10 before Black finally put in the last score.

    Notable players from our side include a new deep threat or two (I wont tell you who they are, silly! But their initials are D. B. Good luck with that one!). Russell had a great 2nd half, dominating more than one offensive point. Sean scored his first point, definitely no asterisk on this one. He would have had an awesome awareness D early in the first half as well if not for a crazy layout grab from Sirene in the back of the end zone.

    I should mention Drew’s play from this game. He apparently has learned to jump and simply dominated the game after James had to leave. We just didn’t have an answer. He came down with everything.

  3. Dan DePaul says:

    Team8s scores 9 vs Salt Water Fish Tank scores 6
    Final score 9-7
    We flipped, we picked sides, we played some Ultimate.
    Team8s had almost everyone there which is always nice. Tropic’s roster is just as good as any other in League.
    The teams kept taking turns scoring…some clean of turnovers, and others with plenty of mess. I think we went up 2-0??? (the stats page is smudged so I’m not 100%). Regardless, 2-0 became 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5….I just realized that was a 5-1 run! We finally scored on O and the got a couple of breaks to take half 6-5.
    We scored after halftime 7-5, 7-6, 8-6, 9-6….and then we hear the hard cap horn. 9-7
    Team8s played pretty balanced with 7 people scoring and almost everyone earned a stat of some sort. Amazingly the stat sheet says we had zero turnovers!

    Fish Tank Highlights:
    Brandon seemed to touch the disc every third pass. He must have been 99%…
    Jackie Fane was a force. She was a great reset constantly, always kept the disc moving, and had some hucks.
    Josh always gets the disc when needed.
    Logan might have been their MVP…? He was always touching the disc and playing great D. His balance of calm and aggressive is always nice for his team.
    I don’t know many of the names on Tropic so I apologize.
    The game had a little of everything: picks, travels, line calls, in/out, violation, fast counts, etc. Nothing chippy, just a standard game of Ultimate. Good luck to Tropic in the playoffs.

    It sure would be nice if someone helped Greathouse line the fields…. :)

    Everyone seemed to be involved…lots of touches for all. Our zone-O seemed to build up everyone’s confidence.
    Just another game where two turnovers here or there made the difference…

    Sorry for any typos and/or mental errors.
    McGrane has the more exciting writeup coming…

  4. Conrad says:

    Sorry for the delay.

    11-8 Gold over Purple

    Yanuck came over sick which was great for our team. They tried to play zone on us but never broke us. We broke them twice early and held the lead the whole way through. Byron and Jay played great popping in the zone. Tice played great man D. A-dub had some great throws. Michelle is unstoppable.
    On the other team, Ben Stone and Milan had great throws. JP had some great D’s. Jill is a fantastic player.

    10-11 Silver over Gold
    They broke us to start the game but we eventually got it back and took the lead. Michelle left which really hurt the flow of our offense. I think they took half 6-5. But eventually we brought it to 10-8 us. They then scored three in a row. They played a really tight zone and we made some poor rash decisions. Travis played great, putting the team on his back. Tommy and Safa picked the game up so quickly! Look for these guys to crush game after game. Jose played great defense.

    Shoutout to Nathan Rhodes for being open in the endzone. Kelly helped us move the disc. Mark made some great athletic plays.

  5. D Wil says:

    I bet the next few reports are going to be super detailed and totally accurate.

  6. A-dub says:

    dont get your hopes up

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