Captain’s Reports: Week 2

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  1. Joanna (jojo) Neville says:

    Iron Grey (Great White Darks) vs. Deep Orange (For the 3-5 league)
    15-10 (I think)

    Despite the bugs, it was a great day to play some ultimate. Both teams started out trading points, and we got to fours and then got a break or two. They have some great skill with the disc with their handlers. Eric, Nan, Fletch, and Danny with Kevin all moved the disc wonderfully in whatever defense we showed them. The rest of their team is always running, always working hard. I think we took half at 8-5. We were on offense after the half and really wanted to get that 9-5 to secure the lead but Fletch had a nice hammer to Danielle to bring it to 8-6. Danielle was constantly a deep threat and Sydney also had some great catches. All of our Kellies had a great game today. Kellie D had some really nice catches (one particular deep pass from hubby, Dan) and assists along with Kellie S who we missed last week. Kelly G with new cleats provided solid D both on man and zone.

    We spread around our offense today. Lyle was sold at handler and often got the disc on the pull (or soon after) and got it moving. Dan and Dan are a great pair with numerous give and gos with lots of assists for scores. Chris made some tremendous catches in traffic both during points and for scores. Orange constantly challenged our catches, never making things easy. Jay had a nice catch (even with a bug in his eye) behind a diving orange player in the endzone. Timmy Depaul is always moving and can make some solid cuts in to advance the disc moving. Tommy also scored a few times on assists from Sckool and/or Dan D and Dan W. Andrew had a nice score running deep from around midfield.

    Orange would keep the disc moving with Fletch, Nan, and Eric and then score to receiver on the open side or on a great break. I think they got to within one at around 9-8, I believe. We had a few miscues and some dropped passes but tried to focus and keep playing despite the hard press from Orange. It took us several passes to score right outside of our endzone to make it 10-8. They kept coming and around this time Blaine had an awesome layout D right outside of their end zone. Keith also provided some much-needed hard D on man.

    We ended up scoring a few more to make it a final score of 15-10 (I think?) On the final score, Chris caught a tough pass up the sideline from Sckool with Switzer right there.

    Great game, Orange!

  2. Greathouse says:

    1-3pm Game

    The Candy Cane Strippers over Orange (15-10)

    First, let me say it is great playing on a team with Drew, Lemons, Steph, Tara and so many others. It’s a fun, smart team and I think we’ll do a lot of damage this season. We were able to beat Orange, but in their defense, they were missing a lot of players. Basics: Orange drew first blood with Kevin sending a huck to Alek. That was a recurring theme. We were able to withstand that and got a lot of breaks, taking half 8-4. Out of half, I guess we traded points, and the final was 15-10.

    Highlights: I D’d a little kid, perhaps the proudest moment of my life. Yay me. Lemons was great at distributing, Christine, Steph and Tara all played great, and again, it’s really nice not having Drew on the other side of the disc. For Orange, Kevin and Alek were pretty dominant, Van made some nice grabs, and the under-powered Orange team gave all they had. Very good spirit across the board and laid back.

    3-5pm Game: Navy (we’re working on a name) against Purple

    Sadly, I faced Lemons and Tara in this one. We were missing a ton of key players. Cyle, Dustin, Tom, Yehuda, Jill and Lilli were all gone. With that said, our crew put up a good fight against the likes of Lemons, Lu, Troy and Andy, as well as Tara. Alexis was great, as was Andrew, and Ian caught a ridiculous number of goals. We’ll start keeping stats. Anyway, I think we lost half like 8-6, closed to with 1 a bunch of times, and then lost 12-15.

    Highlights: Apparently, we forgot Ben Baumer was playing and he was not covered for two scores. One was my fault, but I would like to report that Andy did not touch the disc. Lu and Lemons were great, as was Troy and their ladies. Andrew and Alexis were key, Travis Byrd played outstanding, and Gabby played fantastic as well. There were no blow ups. Everyone was pretty chill and it was a fun, hard fought game.


  3. Jeff Rose says:

    Another phenomenal game, and risking sounding like a broken record, I couldn’t have had a better time playing (unless we’d won). We went into this week missing a lot of our top players who were at regionals. We were up against Black that was also missing some of their top players, but still had a pretty intimidating squad of veterans with Alek, Bruce, Zach, Scott, Dan, Joannna and…. I can’t remember who else, but they were all friggin’ good.
    That being said, everyone who showed up for Yellow played their hearts out and we had 4 girls this week which is 2 more than we had last week. Isabel Gottlieb and Lauren Bahng, our two newbies, played like veterans and ran their butts off and really allowed us to move the disc. Eva Abraham showed her time with FUEL (I hope this is right) has been well spent, and showed incredible poise and confidence with the disc, and with her cuts. We were also lucky to have Christine on the field, who is an incredible asset to our team with her cool, calm and collected presence. She had a ton of great throws, and was always there with a reset and a bailout when our handlers needed it. Speaking of handlers, I did my best to fill in for the true talent we were missing (and turned the disc a bunch of times with my usual subpar throws… shocker), Bradford and Aaron were the true anchors, cutting and handling and being generally AWESOME. We put a few questionable throws out there to our ladies, and Alek “Nunubutter” Harzog (I just made that up on the spot, but I like it) gobbled them up with considerable aplomb. Our other dudes on the field were also amazing and played their butts off every second of the game. Phil Shirk is looking to patent his over-the-top hammer, and broke several marks with it. He also was doing an amazing job cutting and came down with the disc in the end zone after good ole Nunubutter tipped it (which was probably my favorite play of the game, cause it was my terrible throw). As usual, Drew Hiatt was a force to be reckoned with on offense and defense and was basically everywhere. I don’t think he dropped below HAM level the entire game. We asked Chris O’Bryan to fill in for his brother Billy and boy did he rise to the occasion. He was laying out all over the place, lasering up line throws, and getting points that would have made Billy proud. Our problem, again, ultimately seemed to be our offense (not surprising when you have me handling), because we were getting d’s all over the place, but just couldn’t seem to convert them into scores. We hit halftime down 3-8 and then came back with 3 breaks in a row. We even got as close as 11-12, but then ultimately black closed out the game with some great disc work and hucks. I LOVE this team, and if we have our full squad I think we can hang with any other team out there. Great game black! We’ll get you next time =)

  4. Aidan says:

    White Russians over Pink 15-10 (3pm)

    For the record, we do have a legit Russian on the team who happens to be white (Alex Oumanstev you are officially the team mascot).

    The ad hoc naming of the team seconds before the pre-game cheer had us more charged up than Drake vs Meek, and we came out strong. I don’t remember the exact order of scoring but it was back-and-forth for the first several points, though we were up having started on O. Adam, Schimmel, and Doug all had great poise and accuracy as handlers throughout the game, and combined with sharp cuts from Yanuck, Lisa, and Layton we had beautiful offensive flow.

    The game turned when we made some adjustments to our zone defense and we got something like three back-to-back breaks, ultimately propelling us to a halftime lead of 8-4. Pink started with the second half with the disc but we didn’t slow down and immediately came up with another break making it 9-4. Pink must have figured us out after that because we didn’t get another stop all game, trading points until Pink notched a couple breaks of their own. The game stood 14-10, Layton had to step off for an injury and it felt the momentum had shifted.

    The final point was appropriately intense, with multiple changes of possession and both teams making trips to the red zone, but ultimately The Dude Abides and team White Russians clinched the victory 15-10.

    Kudos to our ladies for playing for our second week in a row with only three present! We only had seven guys present too so everyone had to play long and hard this game. Shoutout to Yanuck for playing sick and Josh for playing injured. We had a whole reel’s worth of highlight plays this game. A few I remember:

    -Natalie had a glorious diving catch right into the huge mud puddle in the middle of the field
    -Doug showcased his split second reaction time and had two layout D’s, then later an entertaining (read: heart-attack-inducing) bobbly “popcorn” catch in the end zone that must have bounced off of him at least three times before he officially caught it
    -Leigh had a massive D right outside the opponent’s endzone leading to a quick score, and showed her Ivy-league smarts by picking up zone and stack concepts like nobody’s business
    -Lisa chased a disc down across the back of the endzone for a score, and was all over the field as a cutter and reset handler
    -Adam and Yanuck each had nice leaping catches on deep hucks

    Pink Highlights
    -Tanner gratuitously skied would-be defenders for at least two points
    -Corrine had a sweet diving catch
    -One of Pink’s ladies (Michelle?) successfully crashed our cup about 97 times
    -Manny, Brody, and Smock were very reliable handlers and that appeared comfortable resetting to each other ad infinitum

    White Team Analysis
    Despite missing seven players and being slowed by injuries, we really put it together this game for an exhilarating team performance. New players coming out strong plus being able to win without Tori or Jeremy present suggests that our upside is quite high down the stretch.

    • Brawley says:

      Royal/Blue over Navy/ Gold 1pm 15-7?

      Highlights: royal.

      Nick Sherlock put on impressive profit nance by snagging some difficult catches and sneaking behind the zone to catch some scores. Bradford made some great deep cuts when their offense turned to capitalize the break!
      Don’t get me started on Ian Ragsdale!! This kid rocks!! He was our only (girl) and therefore had to play every point but he ended up guarding some of their better guys!! He was always there when a handler need to a quick dish in the zone and found the right holes. He also has a new found love for coconut water! I have the pleasure of playing on both mixed teams with Alex Reynolds! This kid is fast and it is always fun to try and out throw him. P.S he always catches up to the disc. Jeremy was very positive and bought out a fan to cheer us on! Allen and Tom remained strong in the back field with smooth breaks and fluid handler movement! Rich Call and de Alba were always eager to jump on lines and asked good questions that will expedite the learning process. Brawley I working at being a better communicator on and off the field and better teammate. Long season boys and girls! Let’s be positive and supportive. I also threw one good Huck.

      Highlights navy: Nvay played savage which is tough, we would know. Pat lead his team with a beer in one hand and layout D’s in the other. We could not seem to stop their handlers hucking. Their girls played hard and I think used their good looks to distract young Ian. Is that legal?? Everyone on both sides had good sportsmanship during play and about calls. Drops were the factor that gave us a bunch of breaks. Good game everyone and good luck in future games. Always try to improve upon your past experiences and learn from your mistakes!!

      “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
      Ernest Hemingway

  5. Jim Davis says:

    Purple over Black by forfeit in the 1 pm league..

    When I got to the field, I was a little worried about attendance. I only counted 5 players about 10 minutes before game time. I knew that Reba would be absent and Qi Li was on her way back from out of town and would be very late. We ended up having enough players, but Black was not so fortunate. Many of their players were away at regionals and they did not have enough players to field a team. They forfeited and we lent them some players because we all wanted to have a game anyway.

    We weren’t keeping score, but I think the enhanced black team did better overall. They were outplaying us early but we began to get our ducks in a row after a while. We improved as the game progressed but I think they had the overall edge. There were a lot of drops and errant throws on both sides. Some were attributable to lack of experience playing together as a team. Some were unexplainable.

    Overall, I think we have a very good team but it was kind of difficult to tell, due to the situation. We were missing A-Dub, Reba, and a few others, and lent Aaron Colverson, and Chris Pregony (and perhaps someone else) to Black. For the ladies, we only had Caitlin at the beginning of the game. When Qi Li arrived about half way through, she played for Black as well.

    Highlights for Black:

    Qi Li may have set a new land speed record getting to the field from Orlando after I told her we were short of ladies, only to find out that the Black forfeited and she was going to play for them for the day. She cut well to the open spots, caught everything and made smart throws.

    Lyle was his usual effective self handling and making us pay for mistakes.

    There was a really quick guy, Eric, I think, who was tenacious on defense and very hard to cover.

    Daniel Humphries beat us on a number of scores and had quite a few d’s as well. He is fast, tall, reads a disc well and times his jumps perfectly.

    Highlights for Purple:

    Conrad and Adam did much of the handling and had very few errors after the first couple of points when we were figuring things out.

    Qi Li (see above) gets mentioned again because she is on Purple and should be in the Purple highlights.

    Stephen Hoffstetter was open constantly and had some really quick d’s.

    All in all, it was fun and hard fought. I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

  6. I love To Read says:

    There are 20 mixed teams and only 7 captain’s reports. Mike Greathouse wrote 2 of them. Usually it is week five or so before the reports start getting scarce.

  7. Patrick says:

    3pm league
    Lexie’s Popping Bottles vs Conrad
    The game started as every forest game should with the loud pop of champagne as the mimosas began to flow. Unfortunately the team wasn’t feeling very lively and not many people partook in the comradery. We started the game of swamp (there was like 3 inches of water on fields) ultimate on offense. I don’t recall what happened but we ended up going down like 4 or 5 to zero. It wasn’t our best showing. After a while we got used to the mud/water and starting to score a few I think half was like 8 to 6 maybe. This in part was due to our “zone that kinda is man, weird thing”. After half we continued to do better and I believe we got to 10-9 us at one point. But Conrad and his team fought back to win the game like 15-10. The numbers here are probably a little made up. Anyways some highlights include Jonathan on Conrad’s team crushing us in the puddle and playing great man d. Brawley was Brawley and had some nice throws and plays and whatnot. Conrad helped move the disc and this #44 character was also helpful. For lexie’s team joe played great and so did Kevin, mills and the ladies. Tk also had some nice throws per usual. Overall the game was pretty enjoyable except for the fact Brawley and tk got into a bunch of arguments and then proceeded to sh*t talk each other. Overall a fun day and I look forward to playing with this team more and mimosas.

    1pm League

    Patrick v. Brawley
    Well I probably should of wrote this way sooner than this but here goes nothing. I am not the best writer so bear with me. Brawley had subs, my team didn’t. Game was fun not a lot of calls. Everyone on Brawley’s team played great, there was even a new player who caught like 5 different hammers. Navy with a gold stripe struggled on offense and was unable to get the disc moving well. The lack of subs killed us and resulted in some very difficult points. We dug in and gave it our all and everyone did great considering the circumstances. Schim could have maybe ran faster so my dime piece huck would have been completed. Also Jarrod played great defense, watch for him.

  8. Manny says:

    1 pm Forest (with a gold stripe) for Topic (with a lime stripe)
    I was excited to finally be able to play this game but nervous because I knew we would be missing many of our top players. We huddled up and went over names before it was time to play some Frisbee. We started on offense but, having limited handlers, managed to get broken 3 times before finally coming up with a score. At this point we decided to go zone. Prior to the game, Chris Alarcon was talking a lot of talk about how I didn’t draft him when I should have. So, in our first opportunity to play defense, I rightfully put him in his place with a big block of my own (note: Chris got me back later, but mine was cooler). Unfortunately, our offense lagged most of the first half and tropic was able to secure half 8-4. At the half, we grouped up and made a few changes to our offense. Knowing the game was likely lost we encouraged everyone to try playing in positions they hadn’t played before. We let Fletcher cut more which helped our offense tremendously. Although the second half went much the same way as the first, we did manage to get a few breaks back to back and generally play better. I was impressed by our ability to compete despite our thin roster. Eventually tropic closed it out for the win 13-8.
    Tropic highlights:
    Andrew and Matthew Brennan did a great job moving the disc up and down the field. They were hard to stop.
    Kirchman and Chris did a great job crashing our zone.
    I have no regrets no drafting Chris Alarcon.

    Forest Highlights:
    Will Byrd had a huge flick huck for a score and anchored our cutting for most of the game.
    Will Bartlett and Jordan Draper did a great job learning our zone and offense.

    3pm Cuddlefish (pink) vs White Russians (white)
    We started by going over some of our offensive struggles from the previous week. After I repeatedly failed to correctly pronounce the word “cutting” (I kept saying cuddling) we settled on a name. The game started off close. Both teams traded points. Our offense was beginning to gel together. Soon Doug Terza showed up and began to get D after D on our team. We lost half 8-4 but knowing we started on O after half we felt a few adjustments could keep us in the game. Out of half however, we were broken 3 times and suddenly were looking at a long climb back. They were constantly making changes to their zone that made it difficult for us to work it up the field. Late in the game we managed to stop the bleeding and even get a break or 2 but it was too little too late. White took the game 15-10.
    White Highlights
    Doug Terza was everywhere in this game. He seemingly managed to block everything that was thrown on the field.
    One of the girls on white (sorry I don’t know your name) made a great layout catch into the mud/lake in our field.
    Aidan was relentless with his marking in the zone.
    Josh Layton caught the worst throw in the world from Andrew Yanuck.

    Pink highlights:
    Corinne and Michelle did a great job popping in the zone.
    Tanner and Brody had a couple of big layouts.

  9. Adam S says:

    Cardinal over Forest 3 PM game 15-11
    Wonderful weather and 3 whole subs meant this game was starting off pretty well.
    We broke them 4 times in a row and quickly to took a 4-0 lead. Despite Forest being pretty short staffed with only 1 sub they didn’t let up. After a few heated moments and a strong Forest zone they brought themselves close with the score being 9-10 us. Fortunately we pulled ourselves together and closed out the game.

    Forest highlights
    -Gotta give props to Lexie and Kaitlyn who were playing savage the entire time but never let up and were consistently playing good offense.
    -Tom and David Mills both played great as reliable handlers especially David who even went deep and scored on me twice.
    – Kevin got a great D against Brawley in the air.
    -Joe Sutherland was probably the player of the game he had many acrobatic layouts and skys.
    – Ted finally put his gardening gloves to use and removed a snake for everyone that was in some of the mud.
    – Patrick drank a lot.

    Cardinal Highlights
    – Alex Henderson and Alina are our two newest players the only two really without club experience. Despite this they both played like veterans I cant remember either one of them making any mistakes on offense and both racked up quite a few d’s
    – Jen was sick with bronchitis but still managed to be sick with her offense.
    -Brawley made an awesome layout catch in the back of the end zone
    – Matthew Brennan is another Jacksonville steal the guys really good
    – Tyler was a goal scoring machine
    – A-Rod was doing everything for us on offense.
    – For people who don’t know who John Beaubrun is you should watch him sometime he has to be one of my favorite players to play with. Throwing him bad hucks and watching him pancake sky it over two people is a ton of fun.

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