Captain’s Reports Week 3

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  1. Captain Bowlin says:

    We finally made it back on the fields. The rain has kept us from playing recently, but it was clear that all teams were eager to finally compete again.

    Game 1 – Orange Crush versus Navy // Final Score 10 – 8 Orange wins

    What a game. We started off by game by winning the toss and choosing the downwind side, and were receiving the disc. We quickly turned the disc over down near their end zone, and it looked like Navy was ready to capitalize and send a big huck down the field to open the game with a break score. I had other plans in mind. As the great Dustin Travaglini began to throw a few fakes, I held my ground, and as he turned to launched a huge backhand I was able to handblock him, quickly sending the disc out of bounds and out of play. Orange capitalized and quickly scored.

    From there Orange took half 6-2. Navy wouldn’t go down without a fight, though, and brought the score within one, making it 6-5. After trading some points back and forth from there, Orange came out victorious.

    Props to Jen and her Navy squad, they put up a good fight and never gave up. After that first point handblock, Dustin started throwing so dirty, lightning fast fakes that almost knocked me off of my feet.

    For Orange, Sam Palmer did a fantastic job – if you ever need to draft someone who only wants to play defense and do it well, he’s your man. And today was Spencer Ong’s first day out at league ever. After he helped usher in the Gators Women’s Tennis team into the NCAA Championship, he decided to finally bring his talents to the frisbee field. Spencer is quickly learning the term ‘conservation of greatness,’ and will surely be a fantastic addition to the team

    Game 2 – Orange Crush versus Pink // Final Score 10 – 8 Orange wins

    This time around we lost the toss and had to start on defense. Pink set up a good initial play, sending Schimmel deep right off the bat, which definitely through his defender off guard. Luckily I was guarding Troy Bryant – I knew that I had nothing to worry about him, so I was playing super poach over the top and was able to was able to snatch the disc out from Schimmel’s near grasp (that’s right, somehow I started off both games with a clutch D!).

    Pink had a pretty demoralizing loss the game before, and that immediate break point for us looked like it would be the writing on the wall. Scott Tran had a great game, throwin hammers and scores left and right. Pink’s defense even tightened up, bringing the zone and helping close the gap before half. On our side Macky made the misstep of jumping out of bounds mid-jump to catch the disc, which then gave Pink the opportunity to take half, 6-5.

    As any good captain should do, I looked to my more veteran players for some thoughts on how to change our strategy, and so I looked to my former captain, Tom Dickinson, so some thoughts. He had a new game plan in mind which would feature the star-crossed lovers as our primary cutters and poppers, and it immediately worked!

    We quickly broke out of our huddle and forced Pink back onto the line, and subsequently scored 3 points in a row. Other than that, the second half was a blur. At some point Eric Heubusch and I fought about his hat – I threw it off the field, he refused to play with it on, I took my hat off, and then my team kicked me off the line. No feelings were hurt, the next day Eric and I played disc golf together and I spent 30 minutes with him wading through the pond he threw his disc into on hole 18 at Northside Park.

    That’s what friends do.

  2. Eric Heubusch says:

    Pink versus Orange // I forget the first game

    I think pink came off a universe game, I don’t remember for sure. We sent Schimmel deep and told him: Schimmel, if you catch this huck, we will win for sure. If you don’t, it’s all your fault. Needless to say, he didn’t.

    I lost my hat and summoned my loyal servant, Daniel III, Bishop of Charlotte, to retrieve it. Daniel, new to the job and unexperienced, took too long, and Brandon I, Duke of Bowlin, quickly seized the opportunity to steal it and cast it into the abyss of out of bounds. After that, I was powerless. Kate threw and D’d hucks, Pat was bested by Aisha, as he is by everyone. Ryan was there, traveling like Russel Westbrook on your typical NBA game night. To prevent further losses in the future, I made a treaty with the Duke of Bowlin after we defeated the pond monster of Northside and found my sacred pet Firebird.

  3. Andrew Nln says:

    For Wednesday Playoff match up between white and forrest 7/12/17:

    Alright. Enough’s enough. Someone literally has to say it.

    The following people are huge cheating assholes who should be banned from league:

    Chris A.
    And most likely the rest of the Wednesday Forrest team for letting those two bastardize the game as much as the already have.

    First of all, Lance you should really check your privilege. No one says anything when you call fake af travel calls but as soon as someone else makes a call, you flip out.

    Secondly, how dare you Fletcher for letting your teammates act like this.

    Now onto these two cancers to the game.

    Chris A. could not be more of whining, crying snob of a hypocrite. Every game this dude flips out when someone even hints at having a different opinion than him. An innocent bystander would think you just murdered his child for contesting one of his outlandish pick calls that he makes when he’s getting burnt by about 15 yards. Then as he gets more tired throughout a game, he calls travel when he’s either getting roasted again or sees his teammate getting roasted.

    A dub on the other hand is just full mast openly cheating. If you catch a goal in the middle of the end zone, he’ll call you out of bounds and there’s nothing you can do about it. I hand blocked this dude from 2 FEET AWAY in our game 2 match up and he called foul and had me give it back to him. This was after his team already made a treachery of horseshit calls. The dude literally threw the disc 2 feet into my hand and called a foul. Refused to give me the D. So I left.

    That was just the icing on the cake to how many dirty, lying and cheating players occupy their team. The world would be a much better place if they all disappeared.

    Our 1 point tie breaker coming up this Wednesday should be a fun, I’m sure. If they try one thing they’re gonna get the hammer.

    Enough’s enough.

  4. Lady SJ says:

    I walked off at the end of game three. I don’t agree with everything you’re saying, Nelen, but I fucking refuse to play league if this is how nasty and unspirited we’re gonna play. That goes for both teams. It’s completely unacceptable.

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