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  1. Josh Layton says:

    That picture though lol

  2. Jeff Rose says:

    This was a delight to read

  3. SJ says:

    If Jill gets a good draft with the ladies league is over. all you other captains better tend to that.
    can she draft any dudes that are coupled up with a top round lady..
    just sayin..

    if so………
    watch out.


    is the AUDL a factor?
    Josh, brawely or anyone else missing some weeks?

    any college kids playing.?

    what dates are going to be changed due to Alec or the like coed tournament?

    is it a 4 3 league but each team only has 3 or 4 ladies with 2 or 3 in attendance?

    long sleeve jerseys? probably not needed.
    maybe everyone gets a white and dark only and teams can flip for it at fields.
    wonder if the $$ math of that comes out about the same.? simple design. simple colors. more shirts. less prints.

    brawely getting his same 4 pack as always?
    Jill and josh?

    is the draft order that big of a deal?
    what is the best position?
    enough rambling.
    everyone relax.
    just playing around.
    its league. but it is Jillls to lose and it starts with draft.
    good luck all.

  4. SJ says:


    forgot ADAM..
    he drafts well. he will be in it deep.

    killer stud.

    watch out.

    sorry ADAM.
    don’t hate.

  5. SJ says:

    who didn’t see that coming.. :)
    If 4 3 gender split can be forced there is no question who wins league when it is all said and done.
    I would of done the same thing.
    well played.

    I was so spot on..

    bring this comment back when the finals get played.

    cracks me up.

    I love it.

    scott tran in the 4th rd.. that’s nice and a steal. so sneaky he is.

    if peets shows up.. she will score some goals..

    that a pretty nice draft Alec. Playing with Fletch is always a treat. he is so good!!! always so pretty with his colors too. Scott keep feeding Fletch. Complete green lite to him. throw it high and far.

    good to see Travis get the band back together. go T money GO!!

    Ted with Adam.. trouble.

    Just try and dodge atomic blue for as long as possible. Jill owns ted. she always beats him. smart man he is.

    all this after looking for one minute at the draft board.

    relax. have some fun.

    hopefully lots of weather this season. That would help us.

  6. SJ says:

    ok ok.
    another 5 minutes..

    here goes:

    People might question Joshs pick of Switzer in that spot. I get it. I like it.
    Allows Josh to get up field and be free.
    Switzer to Josh at will, they get the younger female Swtizer who is a scoring machine last few seasons. ( I assume that’s her) She will be in top 20 goal scorers.

    I see about 6 teams really close at the top. IT will come down, like it always does, to picks 8 – 12 and the ladies.
    Which captains won the draft late?? (not counting ladies) just picks 8 – 12.

    anyone help here and tell us..?? Please. I am curious. I don’t know all those names but will when I see it on Sundays.
    Just give me your top three teams for 8 – 12 picks. Don’t be shy.

    My picks for this sunday.

    Maroon — Just more of a team in week one. it is a reunion show. They will be in tune this week. Good show to watch.

    Carolina — just plain ole trouble. 7 and 2ish at worst. (for the season)

    Atomic Blue — the same.. Trouble. Little different trouble but trouble. 7 and 2ish at worst. (for the season)

    Navy — by a hair. hoping we are just a little deeper. close game for sure. We might know how to deal with Kevin better then most. It is a skill. and no I am not giving you the answer. Ask Kevin. maybe he knows.(and it is not calls!!) They will not be used.

    White — Closer then you might think. Best possible chance of upset here. but the best player in the State makes the difference.

    schedulers maybe get the atomic blue v Carolina game early in the season and not late. No one likes playing the same team three times in 5 weeks.

    that’s all. Come on weather. rain. wind..

  7. SJ says:

    Curious MInd,

    I love questions..
    Feel free
    According to the WL2017 Draft Board Brawley is on Team White.
    Layton and Carr are NOT on Team White.

    Double header this weekend I see.
    I will make new picks for both rounds soon. Tomorrow morning maybe.
    These short double header games change everything up. The top draft pick super studs have a larger influence on the outcomes. Positive or Negative.
    I need to look at the match ups and draft board for 2 maybe 3 minutes.

    Is there anything out there I need to know that I don’t?

    I am going to try and pick the regular season and keep track. 45 games. Think I can be 25 and 20? That’s just breaking even in Vegas.

    K. Times up. Gotta go.

    • Curious Mind says:

      Brawley is an insane player, no doubt. But how does he make other people better?

      Carr instantly makes any team and every player better. Layton is so fast and good on defense he makes up for every errant throw on offense and chews up every errant throw on defense…. granted i guess Brawley does that too… but all i see is hyper-intensity and the expectation for everyone to either be as good as him or get the hell outta the way.

      watched him push his own female teammate out of the way this week so he could set the mark on her girl….

      i guess the motto is “if you want something done right just do it yourself”

      **IM JUST SAYING**

  8. SJ says:

    Question for the league office please:

    Are you sure you want to have a double header the first week of league?
    I ask because:

    late start being the first week.
    calling out rosters
    new team spirit circle, team bonding, name game, explaining the rules, what a mark and stall count is and most of all: no running with the Frisbee.
    short rounds
    new teams
    two games
    (keg and bon fire maybe??)

    seems better just to do one game this week and the double header next week and get right to it.
    be lucky to start by 245pm this week. :(
    makes for a really long day with two short rounds of ultimate. No the most fun day ever.

    With that asked:

    picks are ready.

    It is really difficult having not seen the teams yet. The eye test tells me a lot.
    these short rounds make it difficult.
    Team chemistry and styles will make a difference this week with the current schedule. You can’t have a slow start and still win. There is no time for a comeback.

    Once I see some sort of email from the league office or my captain telling me what the schedule is I will publish my picks.
    I only saw what is posted on the draft board.

    two more things for the league office please:
    and this can’t be understated:
    the ladies issue.
    I noticed
    there are a few teams with 3 ladies on them. I know it sucks but if teams can force a 5 male 2 female split then many many games will be decided by that.
    6/1 split seems like that only thing that should be able to forced. but hey.. just let us know. my team won games last season playing 5/2 split and forcing the other team down. I really don’t mind if it is not against the rules. It just becomes another fair advantage . We don’t make the rules. if you use it don’t have any hard feelings. its fine. Captains gotta know how to draft.

    League office:
    BE clear with the cap rules and USE a HORN this week. There is enough going on already. Most games will be close and hard capped. USE THE HORN.

    sorry to be such a downer.
    I am just sad.
    I realized when doing my picks research that I won’t get to pull much this season. ugh.. Damn Justin. !!

  9. SJ says:

    Never mind.

    The League office just contacted me and ask that I look at the posted scheduled a little closer.
    double headers first three weeks.

    League office didn’t let me know any gender ratios but here goes anyways.
    I will know more after this week.
    With double headers attendance is a huge factor and I don’t have any inside knowledge about any thing so here goes:

    Game one. Same pics. the winners are:
    Atomic Blue

    Game 2: Winners are:
    Atomic Blue

    7 and 3 or better is expected.
    Questions and picks that I might have incorrect:

    Does White really lose one?
    Does Black really lose twice?
    Does Maroon win twice?
    Does Navy win twice.

    so hard picking without playing yet.
    but I am sure I am 7 and 3 or better. Yes..?? :)

    anyone tell me where I am incorrect and why?

    My pics are set.

  10. SJ says:

    So I was 7 and 3 week one. I was a little off concerning Maroon but not totally surprised. No real big upsets last week.

    Few quick thoughts:
    The wind the wind the wind. That was pretty difficult last week.

    I heard Black holds practice on Saturdays in Ocala. No one is welcome though. Just them. sorry. Just thought the league should be aware.
    They are going to be pain for all teams all season. J Barker is looking to have a break out season.

    The ladies ofAtomic Blue are going to eat you up. They probably have the best lady of each draft round. Nice draft.

    My picks for 02/05/2017:
    The winners are:
    Rd 3

    Carolina A chance for Royal
    White A chance for Orange

    Rd 4:
    Maroon A chance for Forest
    Navy A chance for White
    Iron A chance for Orange

    There they are.. is this the 10 and 0 week? The, “a chance for ….” is just notation that if it happens it is not a major upset. I can see it happening.

    seems odd navy wins twice and orange loses twice.
    slim chance Carolina loses twice. maybe lose at hard cap first round after the classic late soft start getting down a couple goals.

    Just getting my picks out there.

    Good luck to all.

  11. SJ says:

    I was 7 and 3 again. That’s 14 and 6 on the season.

    Quick Thoughts:

    NO more picking Maroon. :(
    J Barker was not there for Black. Yes he is the glue of that team. Makes a huge a difference. Hence the game point win and the non win.
    I knew Adam of Carolina was not going to be there. Yes he is that good.

    Royal and Orange are both really good deep teams with excellent Ultimate minds. They know how to score goals and understand the what who and the when. Don’t over look them. The trend might be they both have top notch ladies on the O. They will hurt you.

    There are some really close exciting match ups this week Very Difficult choices to make but I can’t call a tie. It’s not FUELS fallout. NO ties here.
    With that said
    week 3, Rd 5 winners are:

    Black. Yes black over Carolina.

    week 3 Rd 6 winners are:


    Picks are crazy this week.

    Iron going 2 – 0
    Black going 2 – 0
    Navy Going 2 – 0

    White and Orange both going 0 – 2.

    None of that even sounds right but the picks are made. No looking back.
    I have zero inside knowledge this week.
    Attendance and the ladies are so key.

    I left off the ” blank has a chance”
    7 out of 10 games have a chance in my mind. Either team could win.

    • Adub says:

      well youre on point with the Iron Picks this week… we did not disappoint!!!!… who is this SJ …. should be writing weekly predictions… someone get this man a pen and pad

  12. SJ says:

    More soon …..
    I had crappy 6 and 4 week
    20 and 10 on the season
    Not too bad

  13. SJ says:

    I had a crappy 6 and 4 week but I knew going in my picks could go either way.
    A few things did surprise me though by the end of the day:
    Atomic Blue: Guess we found their weakness. Perfect weather. Forest is a deep team when everyone is there. Watch out. Maybe the deepest team in league when they are all there. Heard the game was double game point. (just heard that in passing. I could click over to the scores to make sure. But no.)
    I saw the end of week 3 rd 6 game, Atomic Blue V White. White won on double game point. Let me just say, it would be tuff to lose in that manner. In the end, it was the best player in the state doing what he does. Catch swill for the game winning goal. You just can’t let a player of that ability get to double game point. The game is already lost when that happens. The game winning catch was pretty nice. He rips it down in traffic. I didn’t think he was getting it.

    I thought after week 3 rd 5 Black would defeat Orange but I was wrong. I contacted their Captain Josh on this matter and he stated, “you just cannot and should not win games when you have as many errors as we did” Enough said. I had just played Orange and I am sure they had something to do with it. Josh wasn’t trying to take anything away from Orange. He was just saying BLACK had a ton or errors.

    I am curious how Forest lost to Iron(week 3 rd 6) after Forest beat Atomic blue in week 3 rd 5.. I know Iron was feeling great after an easy fun filled bomb throwing session against maroon but I would of guessed Forest was playing well and everyone was fired up. What happened..??!!
    Did Adub just light Forest up. Does Forest not the rule when playing an Adub team? Mike G of Forest tank the game with sub calling? Was Drew cramping up? Josh have 22 turnovers? Daniel just rip everything out of the sky? Please someone anyone I’ve been curious what happened all week. I really have no idea.

    Navy beat Orange(week 3 rd 5) but Aaron C was not there. He is a stud. Moves the disc at will. Plays great D. I think he can dunk a tennis ball? If he was there or if Orange would of gone 5 males 2 females before being down 2 to 0 then Navy would of lost.
    Orange was trying to be nice and let us play with 6 guys to start the game (we had no ladies until about 3pm) but then Orange went down 2 to zero and switched to 5/2 line up. That forces us to play only 5.
    At this point we are not scoring on D. Just can’t do it. Didn’t do it and it zaps all your energy. Orange gets it back on serve and takes the lead 3 to 2 or 4 to 3. Finally Peets and Katie start showing up one by one and we end up sneaking out the win but if we don’t get up 2 to 0 due to their kindness we don’t win. We got hard capped.
    The point being:
    Captains if you are going to do it and force a team down do it!! No hard feelings. It is not your fault. It is a 5/2 league. It’s cool. Captains need to draft correctly and handle this at the captains meeting. I have been on both sides of it and if playing 5/2 gives us an edge then we are going to do it. I am thankful that Orange started 6/1 but when that didn’t work they switched to 5/2. It probably cost them the game. If it doesn’t matter don’t switch after you start and if it does matter feel free to start that way. Orange is loaded in the female spots. No reason not to use that advantage.

    Ok, ok. I am In enough trouble already. No more. Just rambling. Don’t mind me.
    Let me go look at the games and I will get my weekly picks out soon.

  14. SJ says:

    The picks for Rd 7:
    RD 7 is one game to 15. Much different compared to a short double header.
    I have thoughts for my picks in each game but those don’t really matter. Some times it’s just a feeling and you cant call a tie so here goes:
    These picks are not easy.

    Forest over White.
    Iron over Carolina
    Black over Maroon
    Orange over Royal
    Atomic Blue over Navy..

    The only knowledge I have is I think TK (Carolina Ted) said this is the week he is missing. I don’t even know if that includes Jill or what.)

    I am sitting at 20 and 10 for the season. wish me luck on three.

  15. SJ says:

    4 and 1 last week.

    24 and 11 on the season.

    There is still lots of work to do to qualify for the Top 6 of league and make the “A” bracket.

    None of that really matters.
    Best any team can do is lose in the finals to Atomic Blue.
    Jill won this league at the draft. Hands down. Boring .. Nice work though. She owns all those other captains.

    My picks for this week:

    Navy over Forest. ( I hate this pick) Forest is two different teams. Which one shows up.??)
    Black over Iron. ( Pick em game. )
    Atomic Blue over Orange. Its Atomic Blue.
    White over Carolina. (Carolina attendance )
    Maroon over Royal (Royal had 5 last week. is that a tread)

  16. SJ says:

    I had another 4 and 1 week. I am pretty good. That is 28 and 12 on the season. Big money.

    I am Kind of in a blah blah mood about league. The last games seem so far back.
    And you know what..??!!
    The games this week DO NOT matter. Basically zero. Can we just skip and get to the post season please.
    The one and two seed are not going to change.
    Seeds 3, 4, 5, 6 are going to be the same 4 teams no matter what happens.
    For Example, if you go look at the standings as they are currently, seeds 7, 8, 9 and 10 will in some order stay seeds 7, 8, 9 and 10.
    Seeds 1 and 2 will stay 1 and 2. They might flip flop but that is it.
    Seeds 3, 4, 5, 6, will stay seeds 3, 4, 5, and 6. The order might change but that is it.

    Seeds 1 and 2 play a game next week that means almost nothing. Both teams are in the semis but the winner gets to pick their opponent. This could be a factor if Jill is MIA for the semis. Avoiding Orange would be key for atomic blue if this happens. Or the winner of the 1 v 2 just waiting to see which team is weaker on semis Sunday and picking that team. So it might matter a little but not much. You don’t have to pick until the horn on semis Sunday. Kind of a neat little trick. Makes the regular season matter.
    After this week, seeds 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have games. 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5. Each week is so different with league and attendance it just does not matter how the games this week.

    I have to decide if I even want to give any effort to picking games this week. I will call Vegas and see if it is appropriate to pick games that mean nothing. Some teams could tank this week because they have some inside knowledge about who they would like to play in the first round of the post season.
    Not that anyone responds to my ramblings but before you do and tell me something about records, head to head match ups and seeding changes please note that this league does not use head to head. Same records go straight to point diff and max point diff allowed is 8. Lyle..?? Is the max point diff still 8?
    If it is a free for all with point diff then there is technically a chance a few changes could happen but it is too extreme to worry about and will not be happening.

    Calling Vegas to see if they would even post these games. But dang. 28 and 12. About what I expected.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Things change all the time.

  17. SJ says:

    Breaking News:
    The Gville Sportsbook just called back and said the 03/12/2017 games will NOT be posted.
    No reason to pick winners or post odds when nothing is on the line.
    Seeds 1 and 2 are the same number
    Seeds 3 and 6 are the same number
    Seeds 4 and 5 are the same number

    The sports book said wait until the dust settles and pick the 3 v 6 and 4 v 5 game. That’s all that be done.

    If the 03/12/2017 gets rained out …???just cancel that round and let things stand as they are?? Interesting. What to do??

    interesting.. very interesting.

    the top seeds being all rested up while 3, 4, 5 and 6 fight it out..

  18. SJ says:

    That was by design.
    It is too difficult being in the games that it just didn’t feel right.
    But I was thinking Orange would win via the ladies and Green would win via their vast forest of trees. I was wrong.
    Orange only had one lady show up. Nan is plenty good enough to carry the duties on Offense but Black forced Orange to play down a person on Defense. Ouch. It is hard to win like that.
    Forest had depth issues. Two high male(is it open or male?) draft picks did not make it to the quarterfinals.
    Navy had just a little more firepower. Navy actually went reverse 5/2 split and played 6/1 on offense.
    We wanted to keep the green ladies off the field. Navy needed that. Jessica and Asa played so well.
    Wait for it……… Wait…………..Wait………..

    Asa caught a Callahan off Justin Fletcher. Top round draft pick super good player Justin. Asa owned him.

    White won the 1 v 2 game. White gets to set the match ups for the semis.
    So the real question is:
    Which team does white pick to play next week?
    Navy or Black??
    Poll Question:
    If you were the white captain and got to choose who would you choose???
    Navy or Black ?

    The other question
    When do the other three teams find out what the match ups are..??

  19. SJ says:

    Josh ,

    Which team did white choose..??
    Do they get to wait until 215 tomorrow and decide ?

    And did you see the Gators play at 220pm ?

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