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8 Responses

  1. Adub says:

    I’m offended… I mean injured…. but you hurt my feelings… butt hurt….

  2. Fleming says:

    Lol. Do you not read, I’m too drunk to implode at league. Most the time I don’t even know I’m there.

  3. D Wil says:

    I’m not nice.

  4. Chris Kirchman says:

    4 months, to be precise. I spend 4 months preparing for the draft. Then, I have to start getting ready for the next one

  5. SJ says:

    I happened to play next to the Gold V Grey game 2nd Rd of week 4.. That is a semi match up for sure. Two really good teams.
    Kate and Nan. ouch. That’s going to hurt.
    but it really is going to come down to the schedule.
    The GM tournament currently scheduled for the first week of the playoffs is in play.
    3 players who all get a ton of touches for their team will be missing. (KJ, SJ and TK)
    next is…
    Who is going to be back from the beach in time for the semis and able to play in cleats.?

    Is the schedule adjusted to a double or triple header after the beach tournament.? is there time?
    I heard something about we cant play on sectionals weekend either.? Not sure why. Maybe sectionals is at citizens.?
    The “B” boys.. the ladies.. ? makes sense. just curious. I don’t even know what weekend it is.
    What is going to happen.?
    Does the format stay the same where being the one or two seed gets you a bye into the semis.? That could be big for white, navy or grey.
    Does the regular season finally matter?

    My guess league gets adjusted around the beach tournament.
    Semis and finals same day.? if so lets try and get gold and navy on the same side so one of them cant be in the finals. LOL
    Its a Gold V Navy final if we don’t.. Lyle look into this please. Thanks. oh wait. never mind.
    its 5/2 league and those two teams have the most depth at the department.

    just having a little fun.
    stirring up a little drama
    its all in fun.
    last day of league is going to be rained out anyways.
    ramble on..

    SJ (on white)

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