Week 2 Captain’s Reports

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  1. Falk says:

    Orange Crush 15 Margaritas in the Dark (Lime) 10

    Lime was able to welcome Alec, Huseyin and Georgie who were unavailable last week and gave us a needed boost to start the game. However, we were missing Fletcher and TK which ultimately resulted in a rough start. We had some break opportunities but a lot of unforced errors besieged us and we found ourselves quickly down 6-2. Once Fletcher rolled in the game began to change and we had the opportunity to cut it to 7-5 by playing some inspired defense. At the suggestion of the wise Bruce Getz we moved to a box and one zone to shut down at least one of their weapons. It seemed to work and it became much more difficult for Orange’s four headed monster of Goetz, Gettino, Bowlin and Katelyn. In the second half we continued our inspired defense but when we did get turns we were unorganized and usually turned it right back. Our downfall can’t be blamed on lack of effort, it was just execution and organization which are things which will improve each week. Overall a fun game even though we were playing from behind the entire time.

  2. Captain Brandon says:

    Game 2

    If anything became clear this week it’s that we certainly should have won last week. Our star-crossed duo, with the Kate connection, is simply too good to be stopped.

    Orange Crush vs. Lime

    Final Score: 15 – 10 Orange wins

    Today’s game started off [I just watched LeBron botch a beautiful full-field alley oop from K Love] [but Kyrie hit the three] very poorly for Orange. We lost both the toss for shirt color, and the toss for disc advantage. We were forced to go white (but that’s okay because I got to play in white shorts and white shirt – my favorite) and start on offense.

    We quickly scored, then proceeded to score breakpoints, and ended up being up 4-0. To be fair, Lime was missing Fletcher at this point, and TK never showed up to play – although he did offer his support on the sidelines late in the second half.

    Once Fletch arrived things changed a bit. Lime got some energy back and started making a game happen. Orange Crush ended up taking half with a questionable trust blade throw that Macky caught (how does he catch all the difficult stuff but drop the easy ones! in the end zone leaving the score at 8-5, Orange’s advantage.

    Lime truly came out into the second half hot. Although Orange scored out of half, Lime at one point scored 4 points in a row. Props to Ryan Stewart for a handful of hand blocks in the center of the cup, and for Lime starting to play box-in-one which took our team a bit to properly adjust to.

    I don’t think I have ever been box-and-oned before, and I consider it quite the compliment and sign of respect. The best part about it, though, was that I could simply walk up the sideline and let Kate and Ryat (Ryan and Pat, duh) walk it up the field

    In the end, Orange crushed, and took the game with a pair of defense blocks and break scores to finish the game. [bee tee dubs, Kyrie Irving is an animal, AND1, and the Cavs are winning again.]

    Orange Highlights

    -Sydney Switzer is [and Kyrie with the deep 3 – Cavs up by 7!] really played awesome. She manned up against Asa and kept finding the openings against the zone – something about those Switzers, man!

    -Macky, Nate, and Tom all did a fantastic job as poppers and being ready to split the zone

    -There’s really not enough to be said about Ryan and Pat. The sexual tension chemistry between is undeniable, truly the best combo I have ever drafted.

    -We were able to find Macky and Nate in the endzone quite a few times. Those two are proving themselves to be fine cutters

    -Tom not only adds valuable experience to the field, but his prior expertise as a captain adds invaluable knowledge on the sideline. He’s a great been a great help in coaching and teaching some of our new guys.

    -Sam Palmer started our huddle off with a hilarious joke. If you ever run into him you gotta ask about it!

    -Yana even had a D in the endzone! This is her first league ever, and she did a wonderful job keeping up with defense

    Lime highlights

    -Ryan Stewart really did put up a tough center mark in the zone. That dude moves quick and has some long arms! He had at least three hand blocks

    -Kyle Eastman had a few great hucks downfield

    -Alec Hunziker – stop running so much

    -Fletch, you continue to prove yourself as an elite player that can totally change the field of play, great work today

    -Bruce, your low, IO flicks are tough to stop! I tried real hard to challenge them [at this point, the Cavs are totally gonna win, LeBron won’t stand for less.]

    **This captain’s report was finished with 4:56 left in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals game**

    • Eastman says:

      Orange has some sweet handler chemistry as noted above. I think 90% of their throws went about 12 inches- not easy to stop but kind of fun to watch…even if it’s happening right in front of your face. Brandon thanks for the Cavs update- I actually read this before checking the scores on ESPN- kept the report lively.

  3. Scott Morris says:

    White over Navy 15-3
    Following our hard earned and well deserved week one win White faced Navy today. Navy, of course, was without the frequently absent first rounder, Dustin. I lost the toss to determine field position; the game itself went much better.

    White started the game off hot. We ran off a 6-0 run consisting of multiple breaks and 2-3 upwind scores. Josh started off the scoring with a upwind throw to JP. We ran out our starters to make sure we got an upwind score on the first point. As they did all day, Josh, Yanuck and Lisa were patient against their zone, using their patience and arsenal of throws to make popping easy for JP and I.

    Once white got the first upwind score we threw a zone at Navy. White managed to work the disc up close to our endzone before we forced a turnover. Josh then threw a dart on a deep huck to me for the score over the contesting Jose.

    The scoring continued uninterrupted until the score was 6-0 with Josh and Andrew doing all of the assisting. Shooters gotta shoot and those two do a damn good job of it.

    At 6-0 Navy finally began to show signs of life, scoring twice in a row. Ever the stoic, our league rookie Ben Hayden, aka “Yung Kawhi,” decided enough was enough and put a stop to the bleeding. Playing with a grace you cannot coach, our unassuming rook used his body like a wily vet to box out and snag a one handed huck against the defending Navy athlete. White takes half 8-2.

    The second half was more of the same. Our zone forced a million turnovers and tough throws. We did a good job of capitalizing on those turnovers for easy scores. Final score: 15-3

    Our team continued to show good growth. The rookies got a lot of play today and used the time well to learn as much as they can. They are already making big contributions and will only continue to grow as players. Colin performed well in his 2K17 debut, chipping in 2 scores, including the game winner.
    Shoutouts to:

    -Andy. Andy did a stellar job in our zone today. Andy is new to league but he is picking it up quick. He showed good patience and solid decision making with the disc.
    -Ben Baumer: White’s fearless co-captain and kick ass mark earned himself this shoutout when he mossed a navy defender for a sweet upwind score. The celebration was decent and Roger Goodell approved.

    -JP: 6 scores and No turnovers! (the last part is NOT a typo). Lately he’s been bragging more than usual, calling himself the best Filipino in league history. I can’t think of any who have been better.

    -Josh Layton: Delivered what you would expect out of a first rounder. Smart throws, good defense and leadership. Nine assists to boot.

    -Kody: Showed a good knack for popping against their zone defense. Good decision making for another rookie

    -Jose: Jose is a burner. His squad was overmatched today but he ran hard throughout the game and made a number of athletic plays

    -Athletic Navy guy (M. Molinaro?): Shoutout to the Navy player the white team played 500 with following the game. Next game throw it deep to him. A lot. He can jump out the gym and will be a real weapon in no time.

    -Jenn: She played as Navy’s lone girl and did a good job handling in tough conditions

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