, July 30, 2011

Blinded by the White!

Summer League 2011 is in the books!

Congrats to Blinded by the White for taking the Champ bracket on Universe, and to everyone for playing!

Here is a run down of the other games:

Chumps: Dark Side of Maroon (Brandon Smock)
Basemsent: Piso Mojado (Chris Falk)
12th Place: Sky Sickness (Mike Greathouse)

It takes skill to finish in 12th baby!  Now sign up for FALL LEAGUE!!

The sign up for Fall League 2011 is OPEN and LiVE.  There are significant benefits for signing up early.  If you’re in the first 40, you’ll save 15 bucks.


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Semis/Finals Predictions

, July 28, 2011

Ponz Championship art!

The Sour Age
Semis/Finals Predictions
July 28, 2011
By: Jack Skunk

There’s no getting around it: it’s been a hell of a season.  We’ve had heroes and villains, farcical tragedies, stunning upsets, and general insanity- which is to say that it’s been awesome.  As a commentator and a skunk, I find nothing to be more boring than the expected and twelve good, happy teams who love each other and their opponents.  Instead, you’ve given me mental breakdowns, sheer unadulterated hate, and joy- not in watching somebody succeed- but in watching your vile enemies wallow in failure.  Some people would say that that is not nice or mature.  I say that’s Summer League 2011.  So again, Thank you!  Now, on to the predictions:

Sky Sickness (Forest) v. Haiku (Sky Blue)- 11 v 12 game

Normally, nobody would care, but since it looks like the able lieutenant should finish in 12th, this should be great.  Two seasons in a row?  Yeah, that’s priceless.  Look for Haiku to take care of business, and for Sky Sickness to crash and burn… again.  Sky Blue Haiku by 3.

Piso Mojado (Orange) v. Golden Showers (Gold)


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Summer League Skunk Awards

, July 26, 2011

The Sour Age
July 26, 2011
By: Jack Skunk

League Championship Trophy

Now that the season is almost done, it’s time to hand out the Skunk Awards.  The process behind it- if you didn’t know- is for me to give the awards to who ever the hell I want.  I’m all about efficiency.  Ok, let’s go.

Individual Awards:

Captain of the Year: Robert Love of Amphibious Assault (Navy).

Why he gets it: Robert had a dysfunctional team, had a terrible start, and successfully turned it all around in mid-June.  On top of that, he’s a fine player, a good guy, and a strong leader.


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Results / Playoff Bracket / Captain Reports

, July 23, 2011

Results – Quarters and C

Black over Purple — 15-14
White over Silver — 15-10
Royal over Red — 15-11
Navy over Maroon — 15-10
Orange over Sky Blue — 15-5
Gold over Forest — 15-8

Playoff Bracket:

Captain Reports:

Orange vs. Sky Blue

Sky Blue Da Haiku

Playing Shorthanded Sucks Ass


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, July 22, 2011

Just a heads up but it is just starting to storm at the field.  All Games are still a go at 6:00 PM.

Please stay tuned to the twitter site for up to date info:!/Jack_Skunk



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Quarters and C Predictions

, July 22, 2011

The Sour Age
Quarters and C Predictions
July 22, 2011
By: Jack Skunk

It’s been a long, hot summer boys and girls, and these are the storylines that you should be following:

  1. Will Dark Side of Maroon emerge as the most victorious and hated team in the history of league?
  2. Can Kek exorcise those demons from Winter League, 2011 or will he be denied hardware again, in the face of inevitable victory?
  3. Will Phil Campbell prove that he is the premier player of league with back to back league championships?
  4. Can the Showkiller work his magic just one more time and crash the Championship bracket?

The pressure is on for the lions of league.  To quote Kyra, “Shit just got serious!”  Now, on to the predictions!

Dangerous Marine Life (#1, Purple) v. Juggernauts (#8, Black)

It’s tempting to say that this will indeed be a tough game, but it just won’t be.  Schimmelpfennig made it to the quarters, and he’s cool with that.  Travis and Tanya can show up whenever, and the Terzas should be green-lighted to handle and throw whatever they want.  As for DML, all they need to do is go out, quickly take care of business and then scout out the Silver/White game.  Dangerous Marine Life by 7.


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Championship Preview Part 2

, July 21, 2011

Ponz Art for Dark Side vs. Amphibious Assault

The Sour Age
Championship Preview Part 2
July 21, 2011
By: Jack Skunk

Here are the final four previews for the championship bracket. Enjoy.

Team Beast Mode (#4, Silver)
Captain’s philosophy: Lee’s philosophy (and I think it’s a smart one) is to stay out of the way of greatness.  He drafted a volatile mix of personalities including TK, Campbell, Stargel and the dominatrix Jessica Langebrake.  His main strategy obviously consists of “balling out” and playing in “beast mode.”  Seriously, that’s about all there is to it, but it works.
Why they can win it all: Silver has the athletes to win.  Chandler has been playing some phenomenal disc, Inman has the speed to run down anyone, while John Porter is the rookie of the year.  The fact of the matter is that they have the athleticism to seize the brass ring.
Why people would be glad to see them win: It’s all about Lee RaneyLee has been one of the least successful captain’s in league, he’s a hell of a nice guy, and takes his punches like a man; if Lee wins it all, then good for him.  Enjoy the mountain peak!
Why people want them to lose: Honest to God, who wants to hear chants of “beast mode!” at the end of the night after the finals?  On top of that, despite flirting with mediocrity, there has been this sense of arrogance all season. Their “swagger” smacks of insecurity.  I can imagine being asked by the keg, “We were great, weren’t we?”  And the answer will be, “Yes, Matt, you were fan-fucking-tastic. Now get out of my way. I need a beer.”
Skunk victory percentage: 20%.  Maroon and Silver have split games, but last week, losing 1-15 was embarrassing.  I still think Silver can do it, but I’m not as convinced as I was a week ago.


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Championship Preview by Jack Skunk

, July 20, 2011

The Sour Age
Championship Preview
By: Jack Skunk
July 20, 2011

I’m tired of sharing my byline with dweebs and dorks who think they can do my job, so no games today.  Instead, I’ve written a Championship preview for the eight teams that are still alive.  Sky, Gold, Forest, and Orange are all just out of luck.  Here’s a little friendly advice: win the wildcard, and then people will actually care about you.

Today’s preview are for teams 8 through 5 (Black, Royal, Navy and White).  Let’s go.

Team Juggernaut (#8, Black)
Captain’s philosophy: Schimmelpfennig is smart. He is surrounded by Terzas, wily veterans (Tooke, Lopez), and general athleticism (think Vannoy).  In a situation like this, Schimm only has one thought: let the players play, let them run hard, let them do their thing.  Stay out of the way of greatness and hope for the best.
Why they can win it all: Athleticism.  If Vannoy and Travis and Alek and the rest bring their “A” game, then they have an outside shot of making it.
Why people would be glad to see them win: They’re just so damn likable.  Vannoy, Schimm, Alek, Tooke, Steve- hell, all of them!- are just super nice people. If Black takes cares of business, people might actually enjoy the celebration with them.
Why people want them to lose: The fact of the matter is that they’re just not very good.  Juggernaut is 8th for a reason: they lose games, have random players on any given week, and hover between not horrible and pathetic.  Schimmelpfennig is basically a C- student.  If he wins it all, it’ll be pretty obvious that he cheated on the test and that will suck for the “good” teams out there.
Skunk victory percentage: Black has no chance what so ever.  0%, and that’s all there is to it.  They’ll go straight to the chump bracket and lose quick in the Semi’s.


Team All My Best Friends 2 (Royal, #7)
Captain’s philosophy: Crazy Nick’s only philosophy is to give the keys to the car to either TJ or Colin and let them drive.  This means that they play B-Boy Frisbee with lots of clam on D, and sending speed deep (think Jackie or any of their other chicks).  And let’s be honest: it works.
Why they can win it all: Chemistry.  They LOVE themselves more than any other team  has a right to, they think they’re good and they have the skill players to do it.  Fletcher is as fast as advertised and smart with the disc, Jenna is amazing, and if they can play with the same consistency they had in May and June, they will win.
Why people would be glad to see them win: Well, the general love for Crazy Nick has worn off, but there are other likable people.  Maybe people can cheer for Colin? I dunno, I guess I’d be glad for TJ, since most of his seasons in league have been dismal failures.  Obviously, though, I’m not feeling it.
Why people want them to lose: Arrogance.  When they were great, they were arrogant. When they lost, they were still arrogant!  Plus, AMBF2 is inbred: think “Deliverance” circa 1972.  They’re basically a tight little circle of friends, they sit in the back of the classroom, and are real quiet in setting up parties so that none of the uncool “spazoids” show up.  Don’t expect a ticker tape parade.
Skunk victory percentage: AMBF2 has a 7% shot of winning it all.  They could easily beat Red in the Quarters.  After that, it’ll get dicey.


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Results / Playoff Brackets / Captain Reports

, July 16, 2011

Wildcard Week Results:

#1 Purple over #2 Red — 15-10
#3 Maroon over #4 Silver — 15-1
#5 White over #12 Sky Blue — 15-12
#6 Navy over #11 Gold  – 15-5
#7 Royal over #10 Forest  – 15-4
#8 Black over #9 Orange  – 15-13

Playoff Brackets:


Captain Reports:

Navy vs. Gold


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Predictions: Wildcard Friday

, July 15, 2011

The Sour Age
Predictions: Wildcard Friday
By: Jack Skunk
July 15, 2011

It’s prediction day and the bottom 8 teams are playing for their lives.  As for the top 4, they are only playing for seed, and as far as that goes, I kind of don’t care- just as long as Purple and Silver wind up on opposite sides of the bracket.  Now, let’s do this.

Blinded By the White (#5, White) v. Haiku (#12, Sky Blue)

Personally, I think that this is the most exciting game of the night.   The Showkiller’s squad will be a little light, and for once, Haiku might actually want to get the win.  Either way, it’s going to be a vicious game.  Philly will not willingly go to the basement, while Lyle may offer his captaining experience so that Haiku can find some redemption for what has (so far) been an embarrassingly dismal failure of a season.  Should be fun, and the key is experience, in that White actually knows how to win.  On Universe, Blinded by the White will do it.  Blinded by the White by 1.

Amphibious Assault (#6, Navy) v. Golden Showers (#11, Gold)

Gold is actually not a bad team, and I will issue a teeny-tiny little upset alert here.  If Fro Joe and Bennett actually give a rat’s ass, if Bowman and Nelen are willing to play ruthless, “I don’t care if you hate me” A-team style “foul/contest/travel!” disc, then maybe, just maybe, Gold can survive.  The problem (for Gold) though, is that Amphibious Assault has been on a merciless quest for vindication.  Those insults from midseason have not been forgiven or forgotten, and Joel will burn the world down with dominant hucks and ups.  I think in power against power, it’ll be a Navy kind of day.  Amphibious Assault by 4.


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