October 3rd, 2014

Club Season goes from April – September.  Club players should be ready to challenge the best Ultimate Players from around Florida and other states.

Here is a list of the local club teams and contacts.


Vicious Cycle

Since the mid-nineties no other city in the state has put together a team capable of making it out of the region. Gainesville qualified for its first open Championship series way back in 1983 and Vicious Cycle earned its first birth in 1990.  Even though it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs for the Gainesville ultimate community, Vicious has always managed to fight its way back into the top tier.


Email:  Zach Floyd or Evan Thatcher




Woolly Mammoth

logo_200There comes a time in every Buffalo’s life that it changes form like a caterpillar entering a cocoon later to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. In the life cycle of a Buffalo it emerges from its pupa as a great Woolly Mammoth. This happens when the Buffalo reaches a score and eight years of age. It will occasionally happen sooner if a congregation of four or more Woolly Mammoths come together and grant status upon a mature Buffalo and agree to show it the way. Woolly Mammoth’s can often be spotted by their preferred drink of Bourbon and Ginger, which means you can often smell them coming when the odor of fermented barley and rye and a hint of sweet ginger is in the air. Woolly Mammoths will often sometimes follow the order of the Buffalo and drink with the non-dominant hand. The Woolly Mammoth having learned the ways of the Buffalo and evolved passed it will sometimes take full right and deny the Buffalo with a swift ninja like and very effective Woolly Mammoth call. The call cancels the Buffalo’s call and while frustrating to a Buffalo it should know one day it will make its way to becoming a great Woolly Mammoth.


Email:  Philip Nassoiy, Travis Tooke, Dan Depaul




Tabby Rosa

Tabby1074172_513582425376784_734718513_o Rosa was formed in 2012 in attempts to unify the state of Women’s Ultimate. They were largely successful in that they showed everyone at Regionals they are capable of making Nationals in 2013. Finally in 2014 they made their first Club Nationals!


Email:  Michelle Fusting