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UF vs FSU Recap

October 11th, 2014


Gainesville, Florida
Florida v. Florida State University Scrimmage
October 10, 2014
Written by: Jack Skunk


We had three scrimmages on Friday night as the boys from Tallahassee travelled down to Gainesville for what was a very good warm up for both teams.  We started with the B-teamers, then the rooks, with the finale being the full A-team squads slugging it out in a game that went to universe.

Before I get into it though, I’d like to give a shout out to the Gainesville Ultimate community.  Virtually every aspect was present, including FUEL, lots of league people, Diesel, and former UF A and B guys.  My guess is that we had between 100 and 200 people there.  Maybe more.


B-Team Scrimmage:

Dear lord, this was an ugly game.  UF-B was by far the superior of the two squads, since it looked like some of the FSU guys had never thrown a flick before.  UF-B, on the other hand, was more athletic, but did their best to play down to FSU’s level.  Steven Nguy played pretty well, as did Avery.  Other than that, it was a so-so performance, with a ton of poor decisions, poor throws, and in general, poor play.  Any of the Men’s teams from league would have crushed here, and maybe a couple of Mixed teams too.  And Allen: don’t let players without cleats play.  It just looks too pickup-ish.   On a positive note though, I think the B team has a tremendous amount of potential.  They have the athletes and the throws; it’s just a matter of Coach Lu bringing it all together.


A-Team Rook scrimmage:

The level of play here was much better- I don’t have the stats and am unfamiliar with most of the players, so this will be unfortunately brief.  I will say that both squads looked good, but the UF rooks were overall better.  The movement of the disc looked crisp, and it just feels like Cyle has a lot of young stars on the rise.  Again, my apologies for the lack of detail, but I just haven’t met most of these guys yet.  Final score — 8-2 UF


A-Team scrimmage:

547069_359301414175661_1078578352_nI could be wrong, but it seems like these two teams  just don’t like each other.  I was struck by the early and often obnoxious spiking of the disc (mostly by FSU) which is utterly classless.  My thought is that you should act like you’ve caught a goal before.  I know a few of the FSU alum guys, and think very highly of them.  Maybe when they played college, they did it too.  I mean, do they congratulate each other on their spikes, or talk about how awesome their individual spikes were?  I’m old, but is being a douche now cool?  Feel free to clue me in on this pointless, antagonistic behavior.

As for the game itself, UF started on offense and worked the disc well against FSU’s tough defense before getting the goal.  James Dahl looked really good as the team’s primary handler.  After that, FSU scored pretty quickly with a nice huck.  From there, the two teams traded points, with Florida getting a break and then giving it up and taking half 8-7.  Out of half, the slugging continued back and forth with Florida giving up a break.  This resulted in the eventual universe point, and Florida was pulling.  UF got the take away, but then gave the disc back, and FSU scored, to win it 15-14.  Stand outs that I saw:

Tanner Repasky– Tanner was just a beast out there.  He had 4 big Ds and 4 big goals.  Cyle’s been talking him up to me for a while now, and I finally understand why.

Patrick Gettino– Patty had a really great game and picked up 4 nice Ds, including a handblock.  I think he kept drawing the assignments on FSU’s deep cutters;  yeah, he got beat a couple of times, but he also got those critical stops.

Bobby Ley– Bobby didn’t play much, and when he did, he hopped around like an injured bird.  Apparently the injury isn’t that serious, but it was obvious that Bobby wasn’t 100%.  FSU had such respect (fear?) of him that they yelled “thrower! thrower!” every time the disc was in his hands.  He had at least two beautiful bombs for scores, and I think was responsible for 5 assists total.

Billy O’Bryan– Billy played great and had a really nice long throw for a goal.  I do want to know why, though, he chose to make an incredibly difficult backhand break throw into the teeth of the FSU defense?  That wasn’t his only turn, but it was by far the ugliest.  Still, Billy is the real deal.  He ran hard all night and really didn’t seem to have any problems getting open.

Doug Terza– Doug seemed to make his presence more known late in the game.  Doug just seemed to be uncovered, and did a nice job of moving the disc.  I can’t swear to it, but I think he was the one that made perhaps the worst decision of the game by jamming the disc down the sideline.  Ok, it was a goal (which is great!) but the fact that it wasn’t a turn is shocking.  The disc just magically missed all of the FSU defenders jamming the corner.

James Dahl– I already mentioned him, but he was the driving wheel to Florida’s offense.  He touched the disc a lot, had very few turns, and only one chippy incident with an FSU player, which for James must be a personal best.

Jacob Dummeldinger– Jake didn’t post any sexy stats, but like so many on the team, he operated as a cog to keep the engine running.  He was open when he needed to be and did a great job of playing defense and moving the disc.

Danny Bishop– I hate to end on a bad note, but Danny just didn’t have the best of games.  He had at least two turns where the disc squirted through his hands- most notably on universe.  I only bring this up because it is so amazingly unusual.  Losing, by no means, was Danny’s fault, but if he had been firing on all cylinders, then I’m pretty sure that Florida wins by at least 3.


The fact of the matter is that Cyle Van Auken has one hell of a good team.  They have great chemistry, all the athleticism that anyone could hope for, and most importantly, are a very smart team.  The blade is already sharp, but once Florida gets a tournament or two under its belt, the edge will be razor thin.  As long as injuries don’t cripple this squad, Florida will be a part of the National championship conversation all season long.

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